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Self care is so important . It keeps you In touch with yourself and reminds yourself what it’s like to be taken care of correctly . That’s why I follow a strict self care routine to keep my mindset right and my connection with myself strong . 

I went outside this morning to take my puppy outside and it was FREEZING. That only means on thing in Texas …. Fall is finally here 🙂  I decided since I’m off work to give you all some awesome fall self care ideas so you can stay in the fall spirit while pampering yourself .

If you don’t have a dedicated day for self care, don’t worry I GOT YOU . Check out my post on The Perfect Self-Care Day For Happiness for my step by step self care day routine to stay happy and whole . 

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Soooo lets get started with the Fall Self Care Ideas you can use to stay in the fall spirit while practicing self care .

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post, and I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk .

1| Paint Your Nails Fun Fall Colors  

Fall colors are awesome especially for beauty and what better way to be in the fall spirit than to paint your nails fun fall colors . I love the deep reds , burnt oranges and neutral brown colors for my nails – you can always find some beautiful  color combinations with fall colors . 

My favorite nail polishes this fall are all Essie. They have such a grand variety of colors and the nail polish in my opinion is good quality, pigmented and lasts long. 

You can purchase the Essie Nail Polishes Here just remember the name of the color you want as you will have to select it upon checkout 🙂

If you need some inspiration for lovely fall nail check out my Pinterest Board for Fall Nail Designs .

2| Make a Tasty Fall Recipe

Self care and food just go hand and hand for me . I love food and when I eat I feel happy haha so to me one of the best ways to practice self care is to put my chef hat on and try a fun and tasty recipe. 

My favorite fall recipes so far are :

You can also check out my Fall Recipes Board on Pinterest for more inspiration and recipes.

3| Have a Warm Fall Beverage and Relax  

Hate to sound basic but  a pumpkin spiced latte or hot chocolate along with my favorite tv show sounds pretty awesome right about now. Something about warm beverages and being curled up in bed just screams self care and fall . 

I used to spend a fortune at Starbucks during the fall and winter until I discovered Pinterest and the ability to make the same drink (most of the time better) right from the comfort of my home. 

Here’s a TASTY Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe that will get you in the fall spirit and if you’re not into pumpkin spice you can always opt for Hot Chocolate with this Creamy Hot Chocolate Recipe . 

4| Do Some Fall Decluttering 

Usually it’s spring cleaning but oh well let’s call this fall decluttering . You can spend part of your day organizing and decluttering your space . It may not sound like self care but TRUST ME you will thank yourself when your space is organized and you can finally find things you’re looking for . Not all self care is bubble baths and hot chocolate sometimes the best way to care for yourself is good old fashioned decluttering and cleaning . 

I am in the process of organizing my whole home so my mind can be clearer . I going room by room finding the best ways to productively organize my space . 

Check out my Home Organization Pinterest Board for some cool and affordable ways to organize your living space so you can finish the year off strong and decluttered.

5| Carve a Pumpkin 

I know we’re grown but seriously it’s fall, Halloween is around the corner and what the hell pumpkins are festive lol . It really is therapeutic to sit down with a glass of wine and carve a pumpkin and it makes for a nice decorative piece . Sounds like a win win to me 🙂 

6| Take a Fall Themed Bubble Bath 

So obviously bubble baths and self care are like a happy married couple but have you ever had a fall inspired bubble bath ? Fall scents and colors are so relaxing and are bound to take your generic bubble bath to the next level . 

Here are some awesome things to add to your bubble bath environment to make it more in line with fall: 
  • Pine Cones as Decor
  • Candles ( my favorite are pumpkin spice or cinnamon )
  • Bath Bombs
  • Fall Wine (yes this is a thing)

7| Update Your Fall Wardrobe 

It definitely gets a wee bit cooler around the fall so that means it’s time to swap out the booty shorts and crop tops and trade them in for comfy sweaters , jeans and boots to stay cozy this fall .

This just gives you an excuse to engage in some shopping self care therapy haha . Don’t go overboard (says my frugal side) but a little shopping won’t hurt . Plus buying things you look good in boosts your confidence and your mood so shop away 🙂 

Need some fall fashion inspiration? Check out my Fall Fashion Pinterest Board for some cute fall outfit inspiration.

8| Practice Fall Makeup Looks 

I LOVE fall makeup . Everything is so dramatic and beautiful plus it’s not scorching hot so you can get away with wearing foundations , liquid liners and eyeshadow . 

I’ve been practicing everyday actually even if I’m just going to the grocery store . It’s really therapeutic to create a new makeup look and it makes you feel beautiful so why not ? 

Here you can check out my Fall Makeup Essentials so you can have everything you need to create beautiful fall looks . If you need some ideas , I save all my makeup ideas onto my Fall Makeup Pinterest Board Here. 

9| Use a Moisturizing Face Mask 

One thing fall does do is dry out your skin . It’s something about the coolness in the air that causes dry lips and peeling skin and trust me it is not fun . The best way to combat this is by doing a moisturizing face mask . What I love about face masks is they make you feel pampered and your skin feels great afterwards so they are a perfect addition to a self care day . 

My favorite moisturizing face mask is the Burts Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask ($18) – it really does live up to its name and moisturizes the hell out of your face which is perfect for dry skin in the winter . I use this at least once a week to give my skin a moisture boost throughout the week.

But I also love DIY face masks because they pack a great punch, much cheaper and add variety to my skin care routine . The best part is I actually have a post dedicated to DIY Face Masks For Glowing Skin so definitely check that out if you want some awesome face mask recipes . 

10| Go On a Relaxing Walk and Take In the Fall Air 

Oh yess a nice brisk walk through all the fall leaves is bound to boost your mood a d really take your self care day to the next level . So take the dog and go on a lovely 10-15 minute walk and just enjoy nature and the beauty in this world and the season changes to fall .

It’s good exercise , a good way to practice mindfulness and a good way to boost your energy so why not incorporate a relaxing walk In your fall self care routine .


So here are some of my favorite ways to practice self care in the fall . Pick a few and add them to your self care day routine to really get in the fall vibes. 

You will love adding these to your routine and they will encourage you to become more in touch with yourself while having a beautiful and relaxing day 

Until next time ! 

Did you enjoy these fall self care ideas ? Are there any fall self care ideas you have that are not included in this list ? She in the comments below 🙂  

Sharing Is Caring :D
  • 257
  • 257