natural hair goals for 2020
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Happy New Year ! It is never too late to set some natural hair goals and what better time than at the beginning of a wonderful year such as 2020 .

This year I’m reaching for the stars in all aspects of life . As Ive said before I’m not the new year new me kind of girl but uhhhh … Sh*t is CHANGING this year for the better.

One of the things I’m focusing on this year is natural hair goals because who doesn’t want beautiful, healthy hair ?

So I have some goals for you in store and I actually have a natural hair guest Rachel Nelson who has previously written some AWESOME natural hair content for this website .

Rachel is the owner of Coil Guide an amazing blog for natural ladies to get some tips on taking care of your natural tresses. So when you’ve finished this post head over to Rachel’s blog Coil Guide for awesome natural hair guidance .

Anyways …. we will kick this off with Rachel’s insight on Natural Hair goals abd how to achieve them .

Then stay tuned to the end of the post for MY 4 PERSONAL natural hair goals for 2020 .

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post, and I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk .

2020 natural hair goals

Rachel’s Ultimate Natural Hair Goals Guide

Rachel Here 🙂

You guys, it’s about to be a whole new decade! At the beginning of 2010, I was a second-semester freshman in high school. I didn’t care about hair at all and didn’t know natural hair was a thing. I never thought about wearing my hair in its curly state, and I wasn’t even aware that hair could get damaged.

I was pretty uninformed back then. Now I’m more knowledgeable about hair, and my hair is longer than it has ever been.I know I’m not the only one with this story. We’ve all come so far in life, and we’re not the same as we were back then.

That being said, with new priorities come new hair goals. We all have things we want to achieve, whether it’s something we failed at before or something we want to try. No matter what your goal is, now is the perfect time to start! Let’s go over some natural hair goals that you can start achieving today.

master a style for you 2020 natural hair goals

Master A Style

Is there a certain hairstyle you want to try? Is there a hairstyle that you tried before but couldn’t get right no matter how many tutorials you watched? If so, now is your time to learn and slay! 

It might seem hard at first, but learning a new skill doesn’t take as long as you might think. According to research by Josh Kauffmanyou can learn a new skill in 20 hours.That’s less than a day!

Now to be clear, he says that you can be good at a skill in 20 hours. You won’t be a master or above average, but you will be good enough to pass. Think about how long it takes to do natural hairstyles. Some take hours, some only take a few minutes.

If you do the same style every wash day for a few months, you’ll start to get the hang of it. Do it every wash day for a year and you’ll start to excel.

Know Your Hair To Conquer Your Natural Hair Goals

Knowing your natural hair is the most important goal because nothing else will be possible until you get this down. If you know what your hair can and can’t do, you’ll save yourself from a whole lot of headaches. The worsething you can do is try to force your hair to do something it doesn’t want / can’t do.

So how do you get to know your hair? You have to spend time with it. Learn what ingredients it likes and dislikes and your porosity level. Learn what styles your hair can handle and what styles are too much for it.

This will take time, and there are more things to learn, but it’s worth it. Make it a goal throughout the year and watch how the next year is so much easier.

Love Your Hair

Right after getting to know your hair, your next goal should be to love your hair. You can know your hair down to the molecule, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t like it.  Disliking your natural hair is the best way to get you to mistreat it. 

If there’s something you don’t like about your hair ( whichwill always be the case) then the best thing for you to do is to work around it and focus on the positives. Focus on the things your hair does right and you’ll have a more pleasant time dealing with it.

love your natural hair building confidence with 2020 natural hair goals

Building Your Confidence

Natural hair can be a drastic change. People will act like you completely changed your whole appearance, and this new look can be kind of intimidating. While you’re getting used to wearing your natural hair, you need to work at building your confidence.

 It’s a process that has it’s ups and downs, but you’ll eventually reach the promised land. Once you reach it, you’ll be able to breeze past negativity and ignore the haters.

You gain confidence by verbally recognizing all of your victories and surrounding yourself with people who support you. Immersing yourself with positivity will make it easier to be confident in your God-given kinks and curls. If the people in your inner circle aren’t supportive of your decision to go natural, then find a community online or on social media.

If the people in your life keep annoying you about your hair, don’t get too upset. I know it’s easier said than done, but hear me out. People respect results, so the best way to reach negative people is to keep doing what you’re doing and focusing on making your hair as healthy as possible.

 Health comes first, so as long as you focus on that, everything else will fall into place. The best clapback against people who don’t believe in you is to prove them wrong. You don’t have to speak, you just have to mind your own business and let them watch you succeed.

I love Rachel’s take on setting hair goals . You can really create your own goals based on your own personal needs and wants .

Hopefully, between Rachel and my take on setting natural hair goals you can get some inspiration to create your own 🙂

Here are my personal natural hair goals for 2020 , these are things that I want to accomplish with my hair this year .

My 2020 Natural Hair Goals

protective styling and my natural hair goals

Keep My Hair In Protective Styles

Sooo I have been really wanting to grow my hair and take really good care of it obviously . That is why consistent protective styling is one of my 2020 natural hair goals .

If you are not familiar with a protective style – it is a style that keeps your hair protected and requires little to no manipulation .

These styles are good for your hair because let’s be honest , constant manipulation of you hair can lead to breakage . And breakage my friend RUINS hair goals . So having consistent protective styles to keep your ends and tresses healthy is the way to go .

Some good examples of protective styles are :

  • Braided Hairstyles
  • Buns
  • Wigs
  • Bantu Knots
  • Passion Twist/ Marley Twists ect.

Following a Strict Regimen

This year I will also like to focus on consistency and following a hair regimen. I normally do this loosely but I really want to see how my hair responds to a strict regimen.

I want to moisturize, deep condition , oil my scalp, trim and keep up with protein treatments to really see the power of taking good care of your hair.

The best way to grow your hair is with consistency and patience . So I plan on being consistent with my natural hair routine and being patient with the results .

Grow My Hair To Bra Strap Length

So, I figured I needed an actual measurable goal to see if all my other goals are actually successful . My hair currently (after recent much needed trim) is armpit length and I’m pushing for bra strap length this year (assuming I don’t get spontaneous and cut it who knows)

So the bottom line is I want my hair to grow to bra strap length or even LONGER eh? I think this is a awesome and doable goal so im shooting for it.

I will say of you plan to have a hair goal that involves length , you always want to aim for HEALTH first . If your hair is not healthy then length will not matter because it will eventually break off . So focus on hair health THEN you can work on growing long luxurious hair.

The possibilities are endless !

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Find New Ways To Love MY Natural Hair

This is a huge goal and I think every one should have . Learning to love your hair should be your first natural hair goal . Knowing your hair is beautiful is the first step in appreciating the growth and potential your natural can have .

Apart of this goal comes from learning your hair and it’s needs . It’s easier to love your hair when it healthy. So understand what your hair needs to thrive. Play around with styles and see what your tresses are capable of .


Me and my hair have been in a on again off again relationship (literally lol) since 1996 but I can say that relationship has gotten stronger year after year as I learn what my hair loves and needs to reach its potential .

I will love my hair everyday in 2020 even on its bad and rebellious days (:

what are your ultimate natural hair goals


I hope you have found this post inspirational to help you create awesome natural hair goals. Yes your hair can grow and thrive you just have to work on it and be consistent and what better way to work you hair than setting actual concrete goals for prosperity.

Be sure to keep your goals realistic and achievable so you don’t lose motivation during your journey . For example, your hair is not going to grow 12 inches in 2 months so just try to keep it simple . Instead try a smaller goal like grow hair 5 inches in 6 months ( hair grows about an inch a month so I think this goal is very realistic).

If you’re new to your hair care journey ITS FINEEE GIRL… make your goal this year to start a journey to grow your hair . You can follow me here at overwhelmed beauty of check out Rachel’s Coil Guide for awesome tips and guides on caring for your beautiful hair.

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free checklist for natural hair goals and care

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Until next time !

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