37 good habits to adopt in 2020
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Whooo Its almost 2020 yall . I am so excited . Now im not the “new year , new me” kind of girl but I have never been more excited to start a new year and implement good habits in my life .

If you’re anything like me – you’re just now kinda getting adultuing down. You have been working hard to get your life to a comfortable spot and NOW you are ready to shoot for the stars and live your dream life .

My ideal life is a happy and organized one . I blame my OCD but I still crave an organized life where I exercise , eat better and just have things in order .
Its time to start getting rid of the old crusty habits that are holding us back and adopt some positive good habits that empower us to be the best we can be . Making us reach our potential to achieve our dreams and goals.

So here are 37 Good Habits You Must Adopt In 2020 To Live Your Best Life day in and day out .

good habits to start in 2020

37 Good Habits You Must Adopt In 2020 To Live Your Best Life

  1. Drink Water
  2. Journal Weekly
  3. Have a Weekly Self Care Day
  4. Start a Skincare Routine
  5. Exercise At Least 2x A Week
  6. Pay Attention To Your Credit Reports With Credit Karma FOR FREE
  7. Make Good Credit Decisions
  8. Start A Savings Plan To Save More Money
  9. Stop Drinking Soda
  10. Follow A Budget
  11. Create Goals For Yourself
  12. Create a Plan To Achieve Your Goals
  13. Stop Using Your Phone After 10pm
  14. Eat 3 Home Cooked Meals A Week
  15. Start Deep Conditioning Your Hair
  16. Spend Less Time Watching TV And Playing Games
  17. Have a Green Smoothie A Few TImes A Week
  18. Use A Planner
  19. Keep Up With Your Cars Maintenance
  20. Call Your Family Members More Often
  21. Love More
  22. Stay In Tune With Your Mental Health
  23. Start Reading A Book
  24. Start Working On Your Creative Ideas
  25. Clean And Organize Your Home Biweekly
  26. Eat Less Junk Food
  27. Drink A Glass Of Green Tea A Day
  28. Include Fruits and Veggies In Your Diet
  29. Go For Walks Regularly
  30. Make An Effort To Do Things Outside Of The House Every Week
  31. Start a Debt Payoff Plan
  32. Wake Up Earlier Go To Sleep Earlier
  33. Eat a Good Breakfast at Least 3x A Week
  34. Travel Once A Season or At LEAST 2x A Year
  35. Go To The Dentist Twice This Year
  36. Get A Physical Exam and Pay Attention To Your Health
  37. Remind Yourself of Your Inner and Outer Beauty DAILY !
good habits you must adopt in 2020

I hope you found these habits inspiring . No yo do not need to go and try to manage all of these just pick a few that stick out to you and try to add them in your life .

This year I really want to focus on my health and my business so I picked a lot of habits related to that . The goal is to implement habits in your life that will help you accomplish your goals and dreams .

Your lifestyle is just a collection of habits…. so as those habits change your entire life may change as well and that is AWESOME. Especially when its changing for the better


So Pick a few habits and work hard this new year to add them in your daily habits and watch your life change for the better. If you got some good habits you are going to try from this, make sure you share this with your friends . Everyone should have a few good habits to start the year off with so don’t be stingy and share on social media.

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Until Next Time

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Sharing Is Caring :D
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  • 1.3K