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Hellllllllo my beautiful ladies 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your day /week /LIFE so far.

I have been really happy with my hair growth progress lately but let me tell you it has definitely not always been this way. I used to have so much breakage and damage until I finally PUT MY FOOT DOWN and said LOOK I know my hair can grow past my shoulders…. And indeed IT DID after some time and patience my hair just grew and grew and grew.

my natural hair growth

If you are having difficulty growing out your hair then honey bunny this post is for you to provide you with 6 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing . I do want to tell you that your hair IS GROWING but it is BREAKING faster than it is growing so it seems that your hair is at the same length forever … you just need to work on slowing down your hair breakage and fixing any damage you may have . Soooo please continue reading for 6 reasons your hair is not growing and how you can fix it.

6 causes of hair breakage how to grow long natural hair

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post, and I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk .

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1| You’re Not Deep Conditioning Your Hair

GIRL! Let me tell you, if you have hair on your head you NEED to be deep conditioning. I don’t care if your hair is straight or as kinky as mine a good deep conditioning treatment every week is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Your hair Is losing so much moisture and nutrients throughout the week and it is important that you replenish your hair and give it all the moisture and tender love and care that it deserves.

When your hair is not properly moisturized and nourished it becomes dry and it also is missing out on nutrients which equals BREAKAGE.

Also deep conditioning helps with hair damage and can possiblY reverse some of the damage done if the deep conditioner is used consistently and you are continuing to take care of your hair. So adding one to your routine is definitely going to benefit your hair .

I deep condition my hair once a week, for about 30 minutes to an hour with Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Masque Treatment and it works wonders. I love how soft and moisturized my hair feels after using this conditioner and it also keeps my hair moisturized for longer than most deep conditioners.

I will basically shampoo and rinse my hair and then add the Eden Deep Conditioner and let it sit on my hair under a plastic cap for 30 minutes to an hour – then I will rinse and air dry my hair throughout the day and over night . 

If you are struggling with hair breakage definitely add a deep conditioner to your routine you will thank yourself about a month down the line when you notice your hair health change.

2| Not Shampooing Your Hair

I don’t know when it became popular to not shampoo your hair but this is a NO NO. Yes shampoo can have harsh sulfates that can be damaging but there are better quality shampoos like Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Moisturizing Shampoo that are sulfate free, less drying and not damaging to your hair.


I don’t care what you use but you need to shampoo your hair at least once a week. Some hair types (less kinky hair) typically needs to be shampooed more often but at least once a week is ideal. 

I have a hair day on Sunday where I completely wash and deep condition my hair to keep it clean and moisturized. 

Without shampooing you are allowing for products and dirt to build on your scalp . Doing that will prevent your hair from growing and will prevent good products from being able to penetrate and work for your hair.

Just imagine showering without using soap it wouldn’t cut it right? You would still be stinky … haha

SO please please please invest in a good shampoo without sulfates And your hair will thank you I promise.

girl with long natural hair

3| Not Enough Moisture / Dry Hair

This kind of goes with Number 2 and Deep Conditioning but you do need to make sure that your hair is moisturized throughout the week, in between conditioning your hair to maintain moisture and health.

It’s pretty simple by just adding a moisturizer and an oil to your routine every other day, your hair will remain moisturized throughout the week. 

You just want to know your hair – you may not need to moisturize as often but you definitely want to know when you have to. You can typically feel when your hair is dry it’s almost like the difference between a dry crunchy tree branch and a moisturized and bendy vine haha. If your hair feels like it is going to snap definitely add some moisture to give it some TLC !

My hair is very dry so I actually moisturize my hair daily just to keep it happy and healthy – I have tried hundreds of moisturizers but my current favorite is TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer And I seal it with some Grapeseed Oil so the moisture stays trapped in my hair cuticles.

To clarify my hair moisturizing process I will apply a thin amount of moisturizer to all sections of my hair then after I will apply a thin layer of the Grapeseed Oil over top of the moisturizer. Then I just wrap my hair with a satin scarf and let the moisture penetrate over night .

You will wake up with the softest happiest hair and over time the health of your hair will increase.…. So definitely give this moisture process a try.

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4|Using Damaging Chemicals and Products

I cannot stress enough how important it is to look at the ingredients of the stuff you are putting in your hair. If you are using products that have sulfates and harsh alcohols like hair spray and moose you will notice your hair is much dryer than normal. 

Also, coloring your hair and getting relaxer treatments is just absolutely HORRIBLE for the health of your hair.

I have a Short Story for you just to show you that chemicals is a NO NO. So when I was in the 10th grade in high school I had been getting relaxers (perms) like religiously and for a while it was amazing my hair was straight, pretty and easy to manage. What else can a girl ask for right?


I started noticing a shit ton of hair on my shoulder and on the floor every time I did my hair. I was like turning into a German Shepard or like a Cat or something there was hair EVERYWHERE.

After about a month my hair was so short and damaged that I could not even style it anymore, it was uneven, damaged and just looked TERRIBLE.

That’s when I realized I needed to change the health of my hair for the better. I started researching natural hair care and here I am 7 years later with a FULLLLLL HEAD OF LUCIOUS 4B HAIR.

If I can do it so can you. Let the chemicals GOOOOOO!

beautiful woman with healthy natural hair

5| Too Much Manipulation

Are you constantly using heat on your hair? Do you constantly style your hair or wear ponytails?

Yeah I was guilty of all of this not knowing that every time you use heat or brush your hair you are opening your hair up to breakage and damage. 

For this reason I have completely took heat out of my life ha-ha – I don’t use the blow-dryer. Hair straightener or any form of heat. I also stick to protective styling like braids and twists to keep me from wanting to play in my hair every single day.

Im not saying to completely eliminate all heat and to stop brushing your hair and to wear braids every day of your life BUT you should aim to use heat less often and try to opt for styles that require little to no manipulation to keep your hair as healthy as possible and to prevent unnecessary breakage .

6| Not Getting Regular Trims

Yes hunny trim those crusty ends. Stop holding on to those split ends they will just split further and further up the hair shaft causing MORE BREAKAGE and if your hair is kinky curly like mine your hair will start to knot around its self and makes your ends look really bad.

I recommend trimming your hair based on length …

  • Short Hair: 4-6 months
  • Medium length hair: 2-3 months 
  • Long Hair every: 6- 8 weeks

My hair is medium Length and I trim every 3 months – sometimes Im lazy and its every 4 but I try to trim at least 3 times a year or more. 

Keep your hair trimmed and happy ha-ha!


Hair is such an important part of life and the confidence of a woman so I understand wanting it to grow and be healthy is like a dream for all woman , or at least for me haha . 

Sometimes we do things that backfire and cause more damage than help and that is why I wrote this post to share with you the things I learned to STOP doing to my hair so it can reach its potential and be healthy like the girls in the magazines haha .

6 reasons your hair is not growing

Just remember like I say in all of my beauty posts – beauty takes TIME. No growth is going to happen overnight (except for a pimple those suckers are FIERCE) But you get the idea , make some changes to how you take care of your hair and over time you will notice the health of your hair flourish!’

Did you enjoy this post? Do you have other hair growth tips to share – PLEASEEE comment below we would absolutely LOVE to hear your input!

Until Next Time!

free checklist for natural hair care

Sharing Is Caring :D
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