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Hello There 🙂

Am I the only one who is always hard on myself because I am striving so hard to be successful? Im pretty sure Im not or you wouldn’t be clicking on this post. 

The real question is What Does Success Look Like To YOU?

To me success looks like working my dream job, with a beautiful loving family, financial freedom and complete organization haha. For you it might be different but for ME once I achieve all of that I believe I will be able to classify myself as successful.

The picture of success is different for everyone BUT I’ve noticed that people who are successful in their own eyes have these 7 habits in common. No matter what your idea of success is these 7 habits will help you achieve whatever that vision of success for you is. That’s why I’m writing today to give you 7 Habits of Successful People and How You Can Adopt Them.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post, and I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk .

1| Waking Up Early

“The Early Bird Gets The Worm” has always been a popular quote that is so incredibly true because the earlier you wake up the more time you have opened up for your day to accomplish your goals .

I remember I used to roll out of bed at like 1 or 2pm because I worked later in the day and I would always be so upset that I felt like there was not enough time in the day for me to achieve my goals.

This was a problem I created by not waking up earlier … if I would have been waking up at 8am I would have an additional 5-6 hours to really work on the things that I complain about “not having enough time for” .

When I speak with the role models in my life to figure out what they are ding differently at the top of the list is WAKING UP EARLIER. This allows you to get a head start on all of your important tasks so you don’t have to worry about them later.

You should be waking up well before you are scheduled to go to work.

For example I work a non- traditional schedule of 11am to 8pm – Instead of waking up at 10am and rushing every morning I could easily wake up at 8am or even 8:30am to give myself time to handle chores around the house, maybe hang up some laundry ANYTHING. I have noticed a huge difference since trying to wake up earlier.

  1. When I get home after work I am able to relax because the chores have already been done.
  2. I am no longer late to work because Im up with more than 2 hours of time to prepare.
  3. I can eat breakfast so Im not super cranky until lunch time.
  4. I can cuddle and have bonding time with my boyfriend.
  5. If there are no chores I can relax for 2 hours before work with my boyfriend.
  6. I have more time to cuddle with my puppy and my kitty cats.
  7. Im more prepared and confident at work because I did not rush through doing my makeup or finding an outfit.

The list of benefits goes on I promise you . If you have the ability to wake up a few hours before you have to leave for your day definitely take advantage of that time and GET TF UP!

I know I know …. Im not a morning person either but after a while you and your body will get used to the change and you will love yourself for it.

2 | Following a Morning and a Night Routine

Man Im telling you. I LOVE ROUTINES! They keep me in order because my brain is so scattered that I will literally go on tangents and never complete anything that I would like in a timely manner.

I love having a morning and night routine because it’s like a map to how you should start and end your day. This is important because the way you start the day determines the course of the day and the way you end your night sets the course for the NEXT DAY.

Don’t have a morning or a night routine?


Check out my Morning Routine for Success and Productivity HERE and then swing by and check out the 9 Things You Should Do Every Night Before Bed for MY detailed morning and night routine 🙂

3| Keeping an Organized Space and Lifestyle  

I cannot stress how much maintaining organization in your life will make you FEEL more successful. I’ve literally got my life organized to a science. I have invested a small amount of money in printables that are designed to help you organize everything from your laundry schedule, your bills, and your grocery shopping and weekly meals to your weekly schedule and budget.

 I LOVE PRINTABLES.  They have changed my life I promise.

Having a schedule for everything just allows you to keep things together and organized.

It keeps you from rummaging around looking for things , it keeps you from being late on your bills, it keeps you from going 2 months without doing laundry … Im telling you adopting a few schedules for important tasks and being consistent with them will really help you be prepared and organized for all situations .

As I said I LOVE PRINTABLES and the planner i have been using is also a printable planner . I found the planner while looking for something to organize my blog .

I found a blog planner AND a My Life Planner which literally has a page for you to plan EVERYTHING such as :

  • Daily, Monthly and Weekly Planner
  • To Do Lists and Note Pages
  • Budget and Finance Planner
  • Home Cleaning Schedule
  • Fitness and Health Planner
  • Goal Planner
  • Grocery and Meal Planner

For $18 you get printables that you can reuse for years – well some pages have a year on them but that can be adjusted lol . But most of the pages are just printable planner pages for goals or groceries so they are very useful to really get your life organized.

Purchase YOUR My Life Planner Here 🙂

2019 Life Planner -

Just keep in mind you can organize your life using just a pen and paper for FREE.I just prefer printables and I know some of yall will appreciate a gooooood printable planner like the My Life Planner.

Also, maintaining a clean and organized space will really help with your productivity and mental health. Before I was organized I used to be like permanently stressed because I never knew when the bills were due and how much money I had left over. I also didn’t have a place for everything in my home so I was always running late because I couldn’t find anything which ultimately led to an overwhelming amount of clutter that would bring my anxiety level THROUGH THE ROOF.

Check out my Home Organization Board on Pinterest for some really cool ways to maximize your space and completely organize your home room by room

So don’t be like how I was a few years ago – Completely declutter your home, create some manageable schedules and be on your way to a peaceful, clean and organized home and lifestyle.

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4 |Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

One thing I did notice that successful people had in common is that they followed a healthy lifestyle. No they do not eat kale chips and a perfect diet but they are mindful of what is going in their body and how it is functioning.

This means….

  • Practicing healthy eating
  • Exercising at least 2x weekly
  • Going to the doctor and dentist regularly
  • Maintaining your health and taking care of health issues as they arise (for example I have anxiety and I take medication for it that I need to stay on top).

All of these things may seem silly but when combined taking care of your health allows you to function at 100% at your full potential which is needed in order to be successful.

You can’t expect your body to function at maximum potential if you’re not eating right and taking care of your health.

If you’re not sure of where to start check out my post How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle for more tips on being the healthiest version of yourself 🙂

You can also check out my Healthy Lifestyle Tips Board on Pinterest for LOADS of good resources on healthy living – shoot me a follow while you’re there too 🙂


5 | Knowing How to Set and Achieve Goals

It’s one thing to have a ton of goals but do you know how to actually set yourself up so that you can achieve those goals that you set for yourself?

Yeah I struggled with that for a while but if there is one thing successful people are good at it is identifying things they want in life, setting a goal and then breaking that goal down into manageable steps so it can actually be achieved for them in their life.

Once you learn how to do this you are GOLDEN because success is basically just a series of achieved goals so master how to do this is a MUST.

My goal setting routine looks something like this:

  1. Identify a want in my life :  I want to save $2000 for an emergency fund
  2. Turn that want into GOAL by adding a time frame : I want to save $2000 for an emergency fund by February 2019
  3. Break that goal into small steps : Save $100 each week for 20 weeks or $400 a month for 5 months to reach $2000 by February

This is basically how I set my goals – some goals are more detailed but you can still easily break it down

For example say you want to go back to school that goal would look something like this :
  1. I want to go back to school
  2. I want to go back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree in Business by 2022
  3. Steps :
    1. Research colleges that work with my lifestyle and degree plan
    2. Pick a college that I like
    3. Complete the fafsa application for financial aid
    4. Complete the application for the college I chose to attend
    5. Once accepted pick courses that I would like to take …
    6. Figure out how many classes and what classes  I need to take to finish my degree before 2022

See it’s so simple … then you can put those small steps into your daily planner or to do list and spread them out over a time period so that your goal can be achieved by the date you set.

Often times we look at a goal as ONE BIG THING we need to do and this can cause you to become stuck and not know where to start BUT when you break that goal down into small actionable steps you will find that the goal seems more manageable and less overwhelming.

Remember everything takes time don’t go setting 65 goals for yourself to complete by next month – make sure you prioritize which goals you want to achieve and laser focus on 1 or 2 goals at a time .

SO identify some goals you have for your life and try to plan out the steps that you need to take to achieve them so that you can be one step closer to achieving your goals and becoming the successful person you are aspiring to be.

6 |Having a Daily Plan

I know this post sounds a wee bit redundant because Im consistently saying to create a plan BUT seriously having a daily plan is a MUST so you can see your whole day’s tasks before your eyes and be focused on completing the tasks that you need to complete.

On this past labor day I was with my cousin and her husband and they were moving … I kept trying to jump in and help BUT she kept shushing me haha finally she said :

I have a plan and Im laser focused on that plan so that I can finish what I need to get done today the way I PLANNED for it to be done

I felt what she said to me on a PERSONAL LEVEL she was OWNING the plan she created. It’s the only way you can stay organized with what you need by creating a plan for the day and sticking to it so your goals can be achieved. Do not let anything or anybody steer you away from the plan or you may risk things not being done ACCORDING TO THE PLAN YOU CREATED.

There are many ways that you can create a daily plan:

  • Daily to do list
  • Planner
  • Bullet Journal
  • Plain Notebook

I actually use a combination of the My Life Planner that I purchased here, my phone apple calendar app and my journal to keep my days together . You can just as easily use a regular notebook and just write down what you need to do for the day.

Check out the My Life Planner or get create a daily planning system so you can be one step closer to an organized day that will allow you to complete and achieve all your daily goals.

7| Practicing Self Love

Out of all of the habits on this list self-love is the MOST IMPORTANT, so you know I saved the best for last.

You’re probably wondering why Self Love is the most important and at I first I didn’t understand but self-love allows you to create boundaries for yourself, it allows you to know what you want and don’t want in your life and helps you stay on top of practicing self-care.

Also, when you completely understand and love yourself you’re more motivated to do the things you need to become successful. You love yourself enough to discipline yourself to complete your goals and to me that is the most important habit to adopt because all the other ones will fall in line.

For a while I struggled with depression and if you know anything about depression you know you struggle with self-love and motivation and pretty much everything but crying and sadness. But anyways I noticed that when I was dealing with that a lot of the reasons I was not accomplishing my goals is because the depression masked my self-love and worth and I honestly didn’t even feel I was worth the goals I had set for myself or I was pessimistic and just assumed I would fail so I would never work on my goals.

That scenario is obviously extreme but it does illustrate the role your self-love and self-worth play in you becoming successful and being able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

To help work on your self-love and self-worth I recommend spending time with yourself – getting to know yourself and being happy with the person you are and accepting the process it takes to become the person you want to be.

One way I increase my self-love is by having weekly Self Care days where I spend majority of the day alone and I just pamper MYSELF.  If you want a detailed guide on how to have a Self-Care Day check out my Self Care Routine for Happiness post  to get a head start .


Well there you have 7 habits of successful people and how you can adopt them into your life. These are the 7 habits I am constantly striving to have because I know that to be successful you have to have a good foundation in your life and the foundation of your life is determined by the habits you have established in your daily routine.

I recommend slowly working on each habit and making it a goal of yours to have a healthy lifestyle, organize your life, practice self-love etc. so you can be one step closer to that successful life that you are dreaming of having.

Again take things slow , don’t expect to change all of your habits overnight , hell Im still working on some of these habits for my own life so DONT RUSH THE PROCESS !

Did you enjoy this post? Do you have other habits for success that you would like to include? Please share your input in the comments below.

Until Next Time!

Sharing Is Caring :D
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  • 387