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I feel like people are all different and unique but the one thing we all have in common is that we crave happiness and to just be filled with joy. We crave to wake up with a smile on our face ready to tackle every day with positivity and confidence.

Does it always happen that way? … NO! Well it definitely has not always been that way for me, I would roll out of bed with barely enough time to get ready, be late to work so I would be pissed about that, skip breakfast because I was late so I would be HANGRY and then spend my entire day complaining and angry wondering why life is so stressful … HAHA yep that was the story of my life. Complaints and unfortunate events that kept me from living up to my potential and actually being HAPPY.

9 ways you can live a happier life starting today

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post, and I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk .

I do want to let you know that happiness is a TEMPORARY emotion but there are definitely ways for you be more joyful, positive and set yourself up for better day. I have been experimenting with these 9 different habits that have honestly, opened up doors for more positivity and closed the doors for negativity so I can focus on my happiness. So here are the 9 ways you can live a happier life starting today by just making a few changes to your lifestyle.

practicing self care and self love to live a happier life .

1 | Practicing Self Care

Am I the only one who has a dedicated self-care day every week just to stay sane? I absolutely have no idea how I functioned before I discovered the importance of self care. If you are not taking care of yourself and scheduling regular times to just pamper yourself then you are really missing out on an opportunity to become more self-aware .

Prior to having a Self-Care Routine I barely knew what my favorite color was haha or that I liked to relax on the patio with a book and a glass of wine. You can never learn what you like until you start taking time out of your life to take care of yourself.

I actually follow a STRICT Self Care Routine and I will literally tell my boyfriend to take the dog and go as far away that he can so I can have some ME TIME and the tub to myself.

It’s not selfish trust me…YOU NEED THIS! I used to feel horrible for taking a half day to myself to do my nails , wash my hair, relax in the tub…. ANYTHING.Then I realized these days make ME happy and relieve all the stress that I accumulate throughout the week.

So you need to be able to have that time alone to really focus on yourself, your goals and your needs

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about taking care of yourself … because who else is going to take care of you?

If you don’t know where to start just check out my Self Care Routine for Happiness for a step by step self-care day tutorial.

taking care of your health and wellness to live a happier life

2| Taking Care of Your Health

It will be really hard for you to become happy if your body is screaming for some attention. When was the last time you went to the doctor? Do you eat fast food every day? Do you drink enough water to hydrate your body weight? When was the last time you exercised?

These things are very important to your happiness. How? Well you see when you’re healthy you’re happy – that sounds very generic but it’s true. Drinking water, eating a balanced diet and having an exercise routine are all things that increase your energy levels, improve your appearance and just make you feel better about yourself.

When you’re healthy on the inside, your look healthy on the outside. When you feel good about yourself you will have this natural happiness that can’t be stopped.

Have you ever like got your hair done, nails done EVERYTHING DID?

I bet you felt like a queen just because you were completely done up – that’s kind of how it works with your health haha. When you’re healthy, you will have the energy to work on yourself and just feel great! Why? because you’re giving your body everything it needs to work at its FULL POTENTIAL, and that my friend, is what brings happiness.

Take a trip to the doctor and get a physical see if there are any underlying health issues. Start exercising and being mindful of what you put in your body. No don’t like go on a crash diet but just be aware when you have drunken 6 Dr. Peppers and eaten Wing Stop for 4 days straight. Try to make better choices – they don’t all have to be good choices (I have a Dr.Pepper multiple times a week ) but try to make at least 70% good diet choices to really see some improvement in your energy levels and your life as a whole.

If you need some guidance with starting a healthier lifestyle check out my post on How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle for some tips on taking steps in the direction of health.

3| Let Go of Negative People in Your Life

I know I know, letting go of people is tough I get it, I really do . But sometimes you need to just suck it up and do what’s best for you and your happiness. Harsh huh ? It really does suck but you know exactly the kind of relationships you need to let go of .

You know the toxic relationships.. The relationships that exhaust you … the one sided relationships…the Debbie downers … the narcissists ….


I don’t care how much you think the relationship is benefiting you … ITS NOT!

Happy people have learned to set boundaries and not allow people in their life that are going to get in the way of THEIR HAPPINESS.

I used to be in a horrible relationship … I thought I loved him.. but in reality all the relationship did was make me anxious, less confident and constantly annoyed … Im not an English major but anxious , less confident and constantly annoyed are not synonyms for happiness .

That was obviously a romantic relationship but the same applies for friendships .. If someone is causing pain in you life you have to evaluate why youre allowing them to continue to cause unhappiness in your life

Is your friend constantly standing you up ….

Or making you feel bad about yourself ….

or disrespecting you…

LET IT GO! There comes a time when you need to honestly come to terms with how SHORT life is and there is no reason to spend those short precious years upset about someone else who couldn’t recognize your worth enough to make things easier for you .

Im not by any means saying let everyone go who makes a mistake in your life …. No no no … but be mindful of the relationship.

If I tell my current partner or my current best friend that they did something that hurt my feelings or that I really didn’t like it when they stood me up when we had plans …. They would apologize and fix it because they care about me and my happiness ..

People who are not willing to meet you half way and give effort to the relationship are not worth your time and they likely don’t care about your happiness because if they did ..they would not continue to do things to make you unhappy and ignore your feelings .

Ask yourself if someone does not care about your happiness why should you let that person keep YOU from being happy. Let them go.

When I let that toxic relationship go, guess what? I felt free .. free to be me and free to engage with people who care about me and you should strive for that too.

Everyone deserves REAL friends and REAL partners not self-centered relationships. Surround yourself with people who respect you and care for you and watch you become happier. Even if you have to go down to only one friend – at least that friend respects you and is mature enough to contribute to the relationship the same way you are.

evaluate your mental health to determine other things keeping you from being happy

4 |Evaluate Your Mental Health

This is always a really touchy subject but I honestly feel like since this post is about finding happiness I must include some information about mental health . Mental health constitutes your happiness and even your sanity .

If you are suffering from a mental illness , it is important to know that you are not crazy and there are support systems and tools to help you . The only thing you need to do is take the first step towards getting the help.

Before I started working on my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , I was EXTREMELY unhappy . It wasn’t my fault , it’s not like I didn’t want to be happy … but the obsessive thoughts, the anxiety and the depression that stemmed from my disorder made it IMPOSSIBLE to truly experience happiness.

It wasn’t until I recognized the problem , brought it to the attention of my doctor and started joining other blogs and support groups that I noticed a difference in my mental health and overall happiness

Yes I still have the same disorder but my physician and the support systems that I have have given me so many resources and guidance on how to manage my mental health so I can be happier . I no longer feel unmotivated , my insomnia is fading away, my anxiety is still present but I can actually manage the thoughts and I must say life is good , life is REAL GOOD!

If you feel you are struggling with a mental disorder … talk to someone credible about it .

If you’re a college student see your college counselors, if you have health benefits talk to a therapist or a psychiatrist .

If you don’t have access to good healthcare I recommend trying some online services that are affordable to help those who are struggling with mental health issues . I currently use TelaDoc which is a online doctor that’s through my health insurance … they also offer affordable health care for those without insurance as well.

Here are my FAVORITE blogs that have awesome articles and quality tips on mental health and wellness :

Okay Now Breathe

In Peaches

Marbles Misplaced

And ALSO Follow me on Pinterest and check out My Mental Health Board for awesome resources and articles on Mental Health Disorders 🙂

We are all here to help … it’s a tough thing to deal with and I understand you may feel alone when it comes to your negative thoughts but trust me YOU’RE NOT ALONE. I am definitely all ears any day of the week and you can always just Contact Me Here if you have any questions or just want to chat . I have like 3 friends so trust me my inbox could use your love haha . All communication is completely confidential and won’t be shared with anyone but myself , that is a promise .

So tackle your mental health and take control of your thoughts and life again and watch your joy overflow .

organize your life for clarity and happiness

5 | Organize and Get Your Life Together

I’m incredibly OCD so organization is probably more important for my happiness than yours haha but that does NOT discredit how important being more organized is for your happiness.

It’s pretty hard to be happy when your house is a mess , you don’t have a budget so you live paycheck to paycheck , you can’t remember the last time you had an oil change or did your laundry or vacuumed your car .

You have clothes in your closet from middle school and you just graduated college …. you haven’t been to the doctor in years , haven’t had your teeth cleaned in years… YOU GET THE POINT RIGHT ?

And no I’m not trying to bash your life because I have totally been there and boy was it stressful. There are too many moving parts in life to not have some type of organizational system .

I don’t care if you use google calendar , a planner or a damn sticky note but you have to start organizing important things in your life especially if you want to be a better adult . Adulting SUCKS I know … your parents used to keep up with your doctors appointments and laundry and the bills …. That’s why organizing is important because adulting is tough and if you want to live a happy and joyful adult life .. you have to learn how to juggle everything and maintain an organized life.

I currently use a combination of a journal , apple reminders and the printable My Life Planner.

I use my journal for personal goal setting, personal plans and random notes. I use apple reminder/calendar to remind me of things like bills, doctors appointments and special occasions / events.

Finally My Life Planner is my holy grail . It’s a printable planner that has everything you need to organize your entire life .

It Includes :
  • Daily , weekly, monthly and a yearly planner
  • Goal planner
  • Budget and finance planner
  • Meal and grocery planner
  • Fitness planner
  • Health planner
  • To do lists
  • Cleaning planner

I’m telling you this planner has EVERYTHING and the best part is that it’s printable so once you purchase it … you can just keep printing out the sheets you need instead of buying a new planner when you run out of space. I use this planner everyday and have everything from my grocery list to my goals to my budget planned down to a science . Printable planners are the way to go.

Check out the My Life Planner Here

2019 Life Planner - DesignerBlogs.com

No you don’t have to buy a fancy planner a notebook will work just fine or even the notes and calendar on your phone will work. I’m mentioning these planners because they work for me and my personality benefits from printable planners. If you think you also will benefit from printables check out the My Life Planner … it really did help me organize my overwhelming life.

I literally have completely eliminated so much stress that was hindering my happiness by using these organizational systems. I don’t stress over bills because it’s planned , I don’t buy stupid stuff at the grocery store because it’s planned , I don’t go 6 years between health appointments because it’s planned. I also follow a regular laundry and cleaning schedule because…. you guessed it ITS PLANNED 😀

So word of advice organize and get your life together. If you don’t know share to start check out my How to Get Your Life Together article for some awesome tips on getting your shit in order .

6 | Set and Achieve Goals

I think the thing that makes me happiest is achieving goals and checking them off my to do list . It is so damn satisfying . How can you expect to be happy without achieving the goals you have for yourself ?

I recommend you take some time and really evaluate what it is you want in life , then you set goals based on that . Easy enough right .

Say you want to get a promotion or save $1000 in 6 months . All you need to do is break that goal down into small steps and add those steps to your daily to do lists . As the days go by and you achieve the small steps you will be closer and closer you achieving the BIG GOAL .

Break your life down into categories then create one goal for each

For Example :

  • Career – get a promotion in the next 6 months
  • Finances – save $1000 by January
  • Relationships – be kinder to my partner
  • Household – keep house clean

Do you get the idea 🙂 ? Figure out what you want from life … that’s the only way you can be happier is by accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.

7 | Learn How To Love Yourself and Set Boundaries

Having love for yourself is so important to being happy. It’s time to embrace who you and just love you . If there are things you don’t like about yourself accept them and work to fix them.

A big part of loving yourself is setting boundaries and understanding what you will and will not tolerate. When you love yourself and set boundaries you no longer accept toxic relationships , you no longer put off achieving your goals and you know EXACTLY what you want from life .

Usually the reason we are unhappy is because we struggle setting boundaries because we don’t love ourselves enough to know our worth . People with poor boundaries are likely to stay in toxic or unsatisfying relationships, and tend to be known as a push over or a people pleaser .

Don’t be that person, I was that person…. and it caused me to be apart of things that I didn’t want to be apart of. What you don’t realize is when you don’t set boundaries and follow through with them you are giving other people control over your life and happiness.

Not setting boundaries is you not telling your boyfriend that it bothers you when he flirts with other women or telling your friend that you don’t like when they treat you bad around other people . It’s you recognizing that your workplace is toxic and you need to (quietly) search for another job.

The first step to setting boundaries is speaking up.

I’m not saying tell your boss or partner that suck but you need to be truthful with people about how you are feeling about something .

The second part of setting boundaries is what I like to call the follow through stage or the ELIMINATION stage . It’s when you eliminate the things that CONSISTENTLY violate your boundaries .

If your boyfriend still flirts with woman and you have explained 7 times how it makes you uncomfortable… dump him.

If your busting your ass at work but your boss has been giving you the runaround about your promotion for a year … find a new job.

At this point in life we are too old to allow these replaceable entities to overwhelm us and ruin our happiness . I’m not saying let every relationship go and quit every job and get rid of your bad kids ..(sorry hunny boundary elimination don’t apply to kids you have to keep them lol).

BUT if you have explained to your boyfriend 17 times to stop flirting with women and he continues to do it .. what does that say about how much that person cares about you and your happiness .

Setting boundaries helps you weed out what can and can not make you happy … stick to your boundaries and your values .

Your future joyful self that doesn’t tolerate bullshit will get on her knees and THANK YOU !

Find hobbies that make you smile and enjoy happiness ,

8 | Rediscover Your Hobbies

This is the fun part of happiness … everything else is necessary but do technical and soul searching lol . The best part about happiness is DOING WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

This is where you start that business you’ve been dreaming of , or go hiking or join a dance class . WHO CARES just find something you love and do it OFTEN .

How can you not love doing what you love ?

If you don’t have many hobbies check out this post for hobby ideas maybe you can fall in love with something new and discover a new passion .

I decided I love writing , learning and helping people … once I started working on my mental health , organizing my life and all that stuff .. I started a blog and here I am and I couldn’t be happier . I’m doing what I love and I’m doing it OFTEN and it has brought a smile to my face and even gives me a reason to wake up early and respond to your questions . Because what truly makes me happy is you , my reader 🙂

So find some hobbies and get in touch with what makes you happy . It’s totally worth it !

9 | Determine What Makes You Happy

So this is pretty self explanatory but in order to be happy you need to KNOW what makes you happy and ditch what is not . This ties in with all of the previous tips because the ultimate goal is happiness. If it makes you happy to be healthy and organized then don’t that . Don’t let some blog post define your happiness these are just some things that have made my life easier and solved problems that are causing me to be unhappy .

So find your happiness and find solutions to the things that you stress out and make your life harder . Once you find solutions you will notice that the things you used to stress about are no longer things that make you unhappy because you have found solutions to the source of unhappiness .

9 ways you can be happier in life


Nothing in life changes overnight . So you can’t expect to just wake up in the morning with all your problems solved . The purpose of this post is to propel you to being mindful of what it is that is causing you unhappiness .

Is it your relationships ….

Your life organization ……

Your mental health or the fact that you have low self esteem and no established boundaries.

Whatever it is that is overwhelming you and hindering your happiness can be solved with a plan , so make that plan and take steps daily to love yourself and create a lifestyle full of habits that make you happy to be alive in this tough world.

Did you find this post helpful ? Do you have other happiness and wellness tips ? Please share in the comments below!

Sharing Is Caring :D
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