How to be pretty without makeup
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I don’t know about you but for a long time I did not feel comfortable with my appearance. Always trying to figure out how to be pretty without makeup. This was a very low time in my life and I know many people struggle with not feeling good in their own skin . 

Little did I know my low self esteem led to negligence in my beauty routines. I started to look on the outside how I felt inside because I stopped taking care of myself .

Weather you are reading this because you are just trying to get some quick beauty tips or if you just don’t feel happy in your skin. I want to let you know that you are beautiful . 

Also, working on your appearance does not mean you hate the way you look . It just means you see room for improvement and there is nothing wrong with that . Its why we go to the dentist and wash our hair and face … we aim to take care of ourselves.

So I’m going to give you beauty tips so you can learn how to be pretty without makeup.

how to be pretty without makeup

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post, and I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk .

How To Be Pretty Without Makeup

1| Use a Face Serum 

If you’re not using a face serum daily you should really invest in one. Face serums are skin moisturizers that give your skin a dose of a concentrated product such as vitamin c or collagen. Face serums penetrate your skin and allow it to fully receive the benefits of the concentrated product. 

When I started my skin care journey I was doing it all wrong and completely skipping face serums. This was a bad move because the moment I added a face serum to my routine my skin actually changed . 

I noticed my skin getting brighter , more vibrant  and the dark spots on my skin began to fade. Serums really work to improve your skin and the damage that has been caused over the years. Such as, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars . 

If you are trying to have beautiful and clear skin that looks stunning without makeup I recommend investing in a face serum . I have a bunch of serums because I am a product junkie.

BUT the serum I am absolutely loving is the Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum I got in my IPSY subscription .

Which reminds me if you are not apart of the monthly IPSY Subscription and you love makeup and beauty products you NEED to sign up for their monthly subscription . 

What is Ipsy you ask ? 

Its a monthly beauty subscription where customized products are sent to your mailbox MONTHLY ! It’s like Christmas every month . 

The best part is you are really saving money . My last Ipsy Glam Bag had over $100 worth of high end products and I spend a flat $25 a month. They also have a cheaper option running at $12 a month . SO definitely give it a try if you are diving into the makeup/beauty world .

how to be pretty and whiten your teeth

2| Whiten Your Teeth 

Show me those pearly whites eh ? 

Well about a year ago I would not be able to join you because my teeth were crusty . I always brushed and flossed but my teeth just didn’t stand out you know ? 

Finally, started researching how to whiten my teeth and went with the trend and honestly i’m so glad I did . 

When your teeth are white, you look happier, healthier and you have the ability to light up the room with your smile . Isn’t that beautiful ?

So what I did was I invested in Auru Glow Teeth Whitening Kit that was on Amazon because I had saw people all over instagram with these weird mouth guards and LED light that magically made their teeth whiter .

Being the impulse buyer that I am (and instagram snooping on my google search for whiter teeth ) I was blessed with an ad that led me right into the arms of the awesome Auru Glow Teeth whitening Kit . 

At first I was PISSED ready to call the owner of the shop on amazon but I needed to take my own advice and actually use the product consistently and THATS when I noticed the difference .

I will say the price and convenience beats the dental office teeth whitening prices however, you do have to be consistent to really see the results . 

Oh and still go to the dentist twice a year as recommended 🙂 

3| Moisturize and Exfoliate Your Lips 

The only reason I added lip exfoliation to this is because I just licked my lips and MAN they were crusty haha . It literally caused me to get up and scrub and moisturize my lips . 

Which brings me to the 3rd way you can improve your appearance and that is to give your lips some TLC .  Nobody likes looking at dry and crusty lips so the best way to combat that is to spend a few times a week to exfoliate. 

Exfoliating is when you remove all the dead skin and debris by using a rough substance or surface . It really helps bring out the color, softness and fullness of your lips making them more … kissable haha ! 

I typically will run my toothbrush over my lips when Im done brushing my teeth but I also love making a homemade lip scrub with sugar and Vaseline. 

This scrub is PERFECT and you probably already have both items . The sugar is the scrub that will exfoliate all that dead and dry skin from your lips . While Vaseline makes it glide easier and also provides moisture. 

It is really simple to keep your lips exfoliated. So, adding this beauty tip to your weekly routine will make a difference in your overall appearance .

4| Eat a Mindful Diet 

I know during the holidays it is very easy to eat everything in sight . Don’t do this lol you can still eat good and be mindful of what and how much you are eating . 

Being mindful is the act of being aware and disciplined .

  • Do you eat when you’re bored ? 
  • Are you ditching home cooked meals and opting for fast food ? 
  • Do you take account of the nutrients you are putting in your body ?
  • When was the last time you drank enough water ?

If you answered yes , you should probably consider becoming a mindful eater . 

It’s important to not over indulge in food… for obvious reasons – binge eating is not good for you and causes weight gain and health complications like heart disease. 

BUT eating wholesome meals that will nourish your body is also, important. I’m not saying stop eating , I’m saying stop eating junk and eat foods that will actually benefit your health . 

When your body is properly nourished and healthy your body can work on things like clearing your skin, and growing your hair. 

But when you eat junk and crap all the time, you break out , you feel like shit , you gain weight , you slow down your metabolism, you slowly kill your immune system I mean the list really goes on . 

You don’t need to eat like a bird , or only eat kale chips and broccoli everyday. BUT you should make an effort to eat more natural foods , drink your water and just think of your diet as more than just food . 

It’s your livelihood, It’s your health and it’s your beauty . I guarantee if you start being mindful of your diet and making better choices you will notice your health changing . 

Your appearance is a reflection of your health , when you’re healthy on the inside you LOOK healthy on the outside . 

5| Exercise and Sculpt Your Body 

A good way to improve your appearance is to stay active . Have a weekly exercise plan is a key factor In your over all health . 

Exercise increases blood flow allowing for your hair to grow faster , it boost your immune system which keeps you from getting sick and will keep your skin clear . 

Also , through exercise and strength training you can really sculpt your body . 

You can get rid of that back roll or increase your booty size . The options are limitless . 

Exercising at least two times a week is sure to keep your appearance at top peek and make sure that you look your best.

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how to be pretty and practice self care

6| Relax and Practice Self Care 

We all know how much I love self-care but did you know that self-care can actually improve your appearance? 

The reason being is because when you care for yourself your pampering yourself you’re setting goals and you’re basically handling all the task in life that involve taking care of you. 

You will notice that as you take the time to actually care for yourself you will not only feel better about yourself but your appearance will change as well. 

The best way to practice self-care is to include a self-care day in your week every week. I have a wonderful self-care day where I spend the majority of the day focused on how I can care for myself.

My self-care days typically include a good face mask, a good hair treatment, maybe a walk around the park, maybe a good home cooked meal and these things are very good for you and they really make you feel your best and look your best.

When you start embracing the idea of having a weekly self-care routine you embrace the idea of self improvement. That is what’s going to improve your appearance and make you confident in your skin.

If you don’t have a self-care routine definitely check out my Self-Care Routine For Happiness post. This Post gives you a detailed self-care routine that will help you have the perfect self care day.

7| How To Be Pretty Without Makeup By Pampering Your Brows and Eyelashes 

Taking the time to groom your eyebrows and lashes will really make a HUGE difference in your overall appearance. 

Your eyelashes add definition to your eyes and your eyebrows add definition and shape to your face . 

 The best part is that they are so easy to groom.

You can use coconut oil or Vaseline but my favorite is castor oil . However , they all work well growing and shaping your eyelashes and eye brows . 

At night after washing your face just apply a very thin layer of Vaseline, coconut oil or castor oil to your eyelashes and brows and over a few weeks you will notice thicker brows and longer lashes . 

8| Use a Face Mask 2x a Week (at least) 

It is very clear that the health of your skin is a very big factor in your beauty. The best thing about a face mask, is that not only is it a great addition to your self care routine but it’s also a great addition to your beauty routine.

There are so many face masks that have so many different benefits and they can really improve your skin.

Some of face masks can eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation others are really good with acne some facemasks are very good for moisturizing the skin .

So it’s up to you to really decide what your skin needs to pick the proper face mask, but I can guarantee that adding one to your beauty routine will definitely change your appearance.

My favorite Facemask is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing and it is phenomenal. It does a really good job at detoxifying and really getting all that junk out of your pores so that you can have clean to the core skin.

I have a lot of good store-bought face masks however, my other alternative is creating my own facemask at home.

If you want some good ideas on DIY facemask definitely check out my post 5 All Natural DIY Face Masks For Glowing Skin for all the recipes I used to make my face mask at home with product that I have in my kitchen.

9 | Deep Condition Your Hair Weekly For Healthy Hair 

The health of your hair is also something that really impacts your physical appearance.

Having healthy hair starts with a consistent hair care routine that includes weekly deep conditioning.

Have you ever seen someone with like really greasy hair or like really damaged or very thin hair? It doesn’t look too good does it?

So I urge you to take the time weekly to deep condition your hair with a deep conditioning product. This will infuse moisture and nutrients into your tresses so they always look healthy, happy and beautiful.

Deep conditioning is basically the process of when you add a very hydrating and powerful conditioner to your hair. You allow it to sit for 15 to 30 minutes to really penetrate your scalp and tresses. These are usually called deep conditioners or hair masks.

After deep conditioning, you will notice that your hair is softer, it looks healthier, and it’s also stronger.

Adding a deep conditioner into your weekly routine is sure to change the health of your hair and the overall look of your hair. Once I started taking care of my hair I started getting way more compliments.I felt better with my natural hair and I started actually enjoying my appearance.

how to be pretty and create a beauty routine

10 | Follow Beauty Routines 

The term beauty is a huge umbrella term and it really has a lot of different categories that make up the actual term. When you think of a beautiful person, you think someone that has healthy hair, healthy skin, a good looking body, and so on and so forth.

No I’m not saying that you need to have all of these things to be beautiful but this post is all about improving your appearance.

When trying to learn how to be pretty without makeup the key is to create consistent routines.

The best way to improve your appearance is to have multiple beauty routine to take care of different aspects of what constitutes your beauty.

I have so many different routines for so many different parts of my body to make sure that your whole body is on the path to beauty.

For example, I have a weekly hair routine, a skin care routine, a lip care routine, morning routine and even an evening routine. All of these routines work together to create my appearance.

I think the best way to really dive deep on your overall appearance is to break down each aspect of your appearance that you want to improve. Then create a routine that works towards the improvement.

If you have acne I recommend following a strict skin care routine so that you can work towards illuminating your acne. If your hair is damaged then I recommend you also work towards a strict routine to nourish and care for your hair..

Everything needs to work together so that you can be the most beautiful and healthy version of yourself.

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11| Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly 

Exfoliating your skin is the process of using a light abrasive on your skin to remove the dead skin cells. This is typically done with a face scrub or a face brush.

This is a huge tip that will help you overtime learn how to be pretty without makeup.

Exfoliating is so important because throughout the days our skin develops dirt and dead skin throughout the day.

All this buildup On your skin can really impact the health of your skin and actually make your skin look dull and dry . 

I recommend purchasing a face brush like the Clarisonic Face Brush . Or using a face scrub like Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator . This will allow all that extra debris and dirt to be lifted from the skin so that your true and healthy skin can shine through.

12 | How To Be Pretty Without Makeup? OH WELL You Are Beautiful Regardless 

Last but not least, I know we have been talking about how to be pretty. However, I want you to just know that you are beautiful the way you are.

Beauty comes from within and the only way to feel beautiful is to know that you are beautiful.

You don’t need to bombard your skin with face serum‘s just to make yourself beautiful. You are already beautiful just for being you.

I do understand if you want to improve your appearance. That is just fine .I created this Post to give you a few tips on how you can be prettier without makeup.

Do not take this in a way that means you need to improve your beauty. However, if that is something that you would like to do this post is perfect for you. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some good beauty tips from it.

Again remember you are beautiful. If you love this post as much as I loved writing it for you then please share it with your friends on social media.

Until next time !

Sharing Is Caring :D
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