hot to set smart goals in 2020
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It’s that time of the year when everyone starts setting smart goals and then planning their New Years resolutions. Everyone is trying to lose weight, get a new job, or just follow through on something.

The problem becomes when the motivation to achieve these goals burns out, early in the New Year. Then all the goals and dreams you had, go unachieved.

The weight loss goal you set went forgotten .

Your goal to change careers went unachieved.

And by the end of the year you’re back at square one with the same goals.

No ma’am, we are going to kick these goals ass this year and I’m going to show you how. The key to achieving anything is all in the plan and execution.

How to set and achieve smart goals in 2020

This post is all about identifying your goals and planning them out. Then kicking their ASS and achieving them.Before you read, sign up for my newsletter so you can get your FREE Goal Achievement Planner and plan along with me.

set and achieve your smart goals in 2020

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How To Set Smart Goals And ACHIEVE Them In 2020

Do A Life Audit :

It’s hard to set goals when you don’t know what you want or what you need to work on. That’s why I start this off with a soul searching life audit.

What Is A Life Audit You Ask?

A life audit is when you take the time to evaluate your lifestyle. You break your life into categories of your choice and then you determine if you’re happy with your life.

Sounds overwhelming I know, but it’s necessary and I’m going to show you an easy way to do it .

How to Do A Life Audit

  1. Grab a paper and pencil, or sign up for my newsletter and get your FREE Life Audit Worksheet included in the goal planning workbook.
  2. Pick 3-5 categories of life that are important to you.
For example mine are:
  • Career/Education– career goals and education goals
  • Finances – money saving / money making goals
  • Health– fitness and health goals
  • Relationships– family , friend and Boyfriend – relationship goals
  • Beauty– hair goals , skin goals , body goals

These are aspects of life that are very important to me so these are the categories I chose. So pick categories that are valuable to you.

If family is important to you then choosing family as a category is ideal, or if you’re focused on weight loss then maybe health is a good category.

The idea is to divide your life into categories.

  1. On your paper write down these categories, each with a few bullet points.
  2. Finally, determine what it is from each aspect of life that you are wanting.
For example mine would look like:
  • Career/ Education– start blogging full time and finish business degree.
  • Finances – grow my savings to 3x my monthly expenses
  • Health – be a mindful eater and exercise
  • Relationships – plan more trips with family
  • Beauty – grow my hair to bra strap length

What I did was I found a few things in each category that I want for my life.

This is how you do a life audit, you just break down your life and truly decide what you want from it. Now that we know what we want it’s time to figure out how to achieve that goal.

Determine What Goals You Want To Achieve

 Now that we know what we want it’s time to figure out where you want to start. I recommend only working on 1-2 long term goals and 1 short term goal at a time.

A short term goal is a goal that can be completed quickly. Typically these goals take only 0-3 months to complete.

Examples of Short Term Goals

  • Getting an A on your final exam next month
  • Drink only water for 30 days
  • Find a new job
  • Cleaning your house

Now a long term goal is something that takes a significant amount of time and has multiple moving parts to achieve the goal. These goals usually take 6 months or even more.

Examples of Long Term Goals

  • Graduate college in 2 years
  • Start blogging full time in a year
  • Lose 50lbs in 6 months
  • Saving up for your wedding

The reason I recommend not working on more than 3 goals at a time is because you can become overwhelmed. When you get overwhelmed you start losing the motivation to continue with your goals.

Once the motivation is gone that is usually when people forget about their goals and never achieve them.

So pick 2-3 things you want to work on and stick to them. As you achieve your goals add other goals to your list and achieve those.

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Turn Those Goals into SMART Goals

Once you have the 2-3 goals that you have decided you want to achieve, it’s time to make a plan.

That means turning your goals into SMART goals so that you have a clear path of how it will be achieved.

SMART goals are goals that are:

Specific – having a specific end goal.

Measurable – able to be measured

Attainable – realistic in nature

Relevant– relevant to what you want in life

Time Based – has a time frame.

An example of SMART goals would be:

I want to make $3000 and n sales with my blog by July 2020

  • This goal is specific because I mentioned what I want to increase sales with my blog.
  • The goal is measurable because I want to make $3000 which is an exact amount.
  • This goal is also attainable because I’ve given myself enough time to complete this goal and it is realistic.
  • It is a relevant goal because blogging is my career and my passion.
  • Finally, it is time based because I stated that I want to complete this goal by July 2020.

Does this help break down how to create a SMART goal? The main point is to structure your goal in a way that is more achievable and manageable🙂

set and achieve smart goals in 2020

Create a Schedule to Achieve Your Smart Goals

Once you have decided what goal you want to achieve, and turned it into a smart goal, it is time to create a schedule.

This step is so important because you need to break down that large goal into manageable tasks and put it into a schedule so the goal can actually be achieved.

How to Break Down Your Goal into Manageable Tasks:

When you figure out your smart goal, you need to break that into small tasks so that you can complete it.

To do this you need to figure out all the things you need to do to accomplish that goal.

Here an Example of My Goal:

Goal: Graduate College By 2021

  • Step 1: Figure out how many credit hours I have currently
  • Step 2: Figure out how many credit hours I need to graduate
  • Step 3: Figure out what classes I need to complete my degree
  • Step 4: Schedule the courses accordingly to be finished by 2021

I hope this breakdown makes sense for you. You basically just want to figure out all the steps you need to take to finish the goal.

Once you have broken the goal down into steps, you need to add it into your weekly to do list so that over time the goal can be completed.

For Example my To Do List for this week would look like:

  • Monday: Complete Step 1 and Figure out how many credit hours I have currently
  • Wednesday: Complete Step 2 and Figure out how many credit hours I need to graduate
  • Saturday: complete step 3 Figure out what classes I need to complete my degree

Does this make sense? You just want to schedule out the tasks you have set for yourself within your goals. Now, how often you complete the tasks is up to you and your goal.

Luckily in the Free Goal Achievement Planner I include a weekly goal planner as well so you can also plan out your weeks and incorporate your goals in them as well.

set and achieve your smart goals in 2020

Continue To Evaluate Your Smart Goals

Once you’ve implemented your goals into your schedule, it’s important to continue to evaluate them. Because, you want to make sure that you’re staying on track with the goal that you created for yourself and that you’re actually making progress towards the time limit.

For example, if you tell yourself that she want to save $1000 in six months it’s likely that three months and you should’ve already saved $500. You should really keep tabs on what you’re doing and how you’re achieving it so that you can actually achieve your goals and the time that you set for yourself.

Please make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can get your free goal achieving workbook that you can be guided through all the steps of setting goals , planning them evaluating them and accomplishing them.

Stay Motivated and Reward Yourself

The most important step in this entire process of achieving your goals is to stay motivated and to continue rewarding yourself. The moment you stop rewarding yourself and reminding yourself of your accomplishments, is the moment that you will give up and fail to continue.

I recommend keeping a journal of some sort just if you can highlight the accomplishments you have made towards your goal whether small or big.You can also join some form of support system or use your partner to continue to motivate you through your journey to achieving your goals.

There are hundreds of Facebook groups and other support groups that you can join. That can keep you on top of your goals depending on what goal you’re trying to achieve.

Also, having some from a reward system like going out to dinner after a huge accomplishment will really push you forward to achieve more goals in the future. You don’t want to burn yourself out by just working working working with no reward. So, definitely make sure to include some form of reward system so that you can continue to be motivated to achieve your goals.

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If you’ve made it this far in the post I just want to thank you so much for reading. I hope this is able to give you a different perspective on setting smart goals in your life so that you can actually achieve them.

I do want to mention that everything you do takes time so be patient and don’t get overwhelmed with the goals you set by overloading yourself. Being realistic with your goals is one of the most important things so just make sure that all the goals your settings are things that you were able to achieve in the given time limit.

Dont tell your self you’re going to lose 50lbs next week – that goal is not realistic. Well without surgery!

If you found this post helpful please remember to share it with your friends on social media and sign up below for my newsletter so you can get your free goal achieving planner.

Until Next Time!

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