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Hello Beauties!

Have you tried to start exercising only to stop a few days later? Are you super busy and cannot find the time to exercise? Do you find it difficult to find the motivation to follow a workout routine consistently? Do you really just not know how to start a fitness routine or what exercises to do?

Trust me I have been there. Actually, I was there less than a year ago and it was so frustrating to want something SO BAD, but you don’t know how to start or how to get the habit going.

It’s like you want to lose weight or be healthier or have a beautiful chiseled body but how do you get there? It is definitely not as easy as saying “I’m going to start working out now”. It is literally so difficult, and I completely understand YOUR struggle because I too have had this same problem and I finally figured out how to keep the habit going after spending my entire life trying to be better with my fitness.

I’m here to tell you that starting a workout routine or just making an effort to be more active is something that YOU can do. I’m going to give you some tips on How to Start Exercising and Stick to It, so you can start your fitness journey and your road to a healthier lifestyle

how to start exercising - free workout plan included

Affiliate Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk 🙂


So, you’re all motivated to start working out so you can get healthy, fit and look good naked. So, what do you do? You start working out – you go to the gym and get on every machine – you work every muscle. Why not right? The more the merrier. You make a workout plan in your planner and you commit yourself to 6 exercises a week for an hour each workout. 6 hours of exercise will DEFINITELY get me to my fitness goals, right?


I cannot tell you how many times I started my “fitness journey” like this. I cannot tell you how many pages are in my old journal of me starting a new and improved workout plan that DEFINITELY going to work THIS TIME.

All to end up ending my commitment 2 or 3 workouts in and feeling like a lazy failure.

That failure made me feel worse every time, and even though I swore every time this was the time, I was going to actually change my life and work out, I always ended up breaking my commitment.

But why?

I realized finally 6 years later that the problem was not that I’m lazy or that I suck or that I’m doomed to be overweight forever. The problem was the plan.

You must start slow. You do not need to be working out 6 hours a week when you came from a lifestyle where you NEVER worked out.

Imagine going to school on your first day and your teacher slamming 6 books on your desk to read before the end of the week … That’s what you’re essentially doing to yourself when you bombard your lifestyle with something new.

It’s not a race girl. It’s a very very VERY long marathon.

You have to take it one step at a time. If you start the race off sprinting, you will get tired and not complete it.

So, jog a little, hell walk if you need to. It does not matter; the journey is yours and you don’t have to over exert yourself to get results.

You just have to be consistent! And if working out once a week is the only way you can be consistent, then start there.

So, start small. Start will 2 workouts a week for 15 minutes each then increase and increase and increase over TIME. You will feel great when you ACTUALLY complete those 2 small workouts instead of  feeling like crap when you don’t complete the 10 workouts you originally scheduled for the week.

Take it slow, you will thank yourself when you finally reach your goal and you’re at the fitness level to workout 6 times a week. You will get there don’t rush the process.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional these are just tips that have worked for me. Always consult with a licensed physician before making any diet or exercise changes.

create  a schedule and a realistic goal

Create a Schedule and a Realistic Goal

Having a schedule will make it so much easier for you to get started. And having a goal will make it easier to stay motivated.

When you have a schedule of when you want to workout and what workout you will be doing it makes it 10x easier for you to get started. If you already know exactly what you will be doing, you can quickly get your workout done without giving yourself time to change your mind.

Also, if you are already having difficulty motivating yourself to workout, not having a plan or schedule will make it harder for you to motivate yourself to start that workout. You need a clear idea of when, where and how you are going to work out.

Being spontaneous is cool and all but when it comes to a workout routine you definitely want a guide on what you will be doing.

Also, setting small goals helps with keeping the motivation going. When you check something off your goal list it feels amazing and propels you to continue. It is important however, to keep these goals small and realistic.

An example of a realistic small goal list is:

  • Workout 2 times this week
  • Be able to do 5 push-ups
  • Holding a plank for 20 seconds
  • Be able to jog for 3 minutes straight

These goals should be small and achievable and not take you months to complete

A good goal is one that can be completed in about a week easily. Like the example above. Every week as you get in the habit of setting and achieving small goals you will notice how much better you feel that you were able to complete YOUR goals. Once you reach those goals set NEW goals, keeping in mind that they still need to be small and realistic. Do not overwhelm yourself, be patient and create a plan you can follow.

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You can also plan your workouts on your own if you prefer that. There are many phone apps that let you create a workout schedule My favorite is Nike Training Club App and it tracks my progress and my workouts for me FOR FREE and you know I love free.

Work Out At Home and Make Working Out More Convenient

This is actually a huge reason I was able to stick to my workout routine. I stopped trying to convince myself that I had to buy a gym membership to start working out.

The issue with this is now you have added multiple steps to your workout process. Now not only do you have to motivate yourself to work out, but you also have to motivate yourself to get in the car and drive to the gym. That’s one commitment too many, remember start of slowwww and set small realistic goals.

That’s why I started at home and I still workout at home – well now I’ve transitioned to sometimes working out at the gym in my neighborhood but ONLY after I was ready and committed enough to take that step after 3 and a half months of exercising consistently AT HOME.

exercising at home is the best way to get in shape and stay dedicated to your fitness goals

Think about it if you start with 2 home exercises a week that are 15 minutes a piece you are on the right track to create a habit with working out, because it’s just more convenient. If you have kids oh well you can work out at home while they watch. If you don’t have a car oh well you can workout at home without worrying about getting a ride. Don’t have money to afford a gym membership oh well you can work out FOR FREE at home.

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It so much more convenient and you can always squeeze in a 15-minute workout at home, even on your busiest days. What’s great is the Nike Training Club App makes it easy to do this (I promise I’m not sponsored by them I just LOVE THIS APP).

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It literally has workouts that you can do with no equipment at home for whatever time limit at all different kinds of fitness levels. The app also has video going during your workout that talks to you AND shows you the best form for the exercises. Totally awesome, you might be tired of me mentioning this app in every post but seriously it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY on actually making it EASY to stay committed to a regular workout routine.

Grab a Buddy

There is definitely strength in numbers let me tell you. There is something about having a workout partner that is reliable and able to hold you accountable for your fitness goals. This can be a spouse/partner, close friend, or even a personal fitness trainer.

Having a partner while exercising makes it easier to stay accountable for your fitness goals

These people are able to help you create that habit. You’re less likely to skip out on a workout of someone else is relying on you as well.

Another way to do that is to join a fitness class. That is the easiest way to create a schedule because the fitness class is scheduled for you. Just pick 1-3 times you can go and it’s a lot easier when there’s people there also holding you accountable.

This is a simple tip that operates on accountability. For example, I had a workout buddy named Lurdes. We worked together at a bank and we also were both pre-med majors at the same college. We became good friends and 4-5 times a week we would work out together. When I was feeling lazy, she would convince me to go and workout with her and vice versa.

We also had cheat days together and developed a great friendship on the premise of starting a healthier lifestyle.

The main point is, in the beginning you may find that having a friend or a personal trainer to workout with and hold you accountable for working out may get you one step closer to sticking with exercising regularly.

Know Your Why

Now a days there is so much pressure in the media and in social media to look a certain way and it is no doubt affecting the lifestyle of many people. With that being said you have to rise above the media and determine if a healthy lifestyle is something YOU really want.

So, ask yourself…. Why do I want to start working out?

  • Is it because you actually want to be healthier?
  • Do you have to maintain fitness for your occupation (athlete, fitness model)?
  • Are you trying to lose weight?
  • Suffering from a disease that could benefit from exercise (diabetes, high cholesterol)

If the reasons are not rooted in, YOU then it will be difficult to be consistent with it because it’s not something YOU want. Get healthy for YOU. Take some time and figure out why you want to exercise.

know why you want to start a fitness journey . Are you passionate about being healthy ?

I chose to exercise for 3 reasons:

  1. I want to be healthy. I strive for health.
  2. I struggle with Anxiety and exercise is a GREAT way to naturally ease the symptoms of anxiety.
  3. I want to look good NAKED.

All of these reasons are things I WANT.

Not my mom saying that I’m overweight so I need to exercise, or people will like you more if you lost weight. These are not solid reasons.

Be comfortable in your skin and only make changes that you want to make because you have that choice.

I do think there are reasons you should strive for health but that is my opinion. You should always do what makes you happiest.

how to start exercising when you don't want to - free workout plan included for beginners


Well there you have it 5 ways that you can start exercising and stick to it. These tips are very common, but they really do work or at least they worked for me. The key is to stop overloading yourself so you can make progress. When you hop to fast into new fitness goals and plans it can make it way more difficult for you to maintain consistency and eventually you may end up abandoning your commitment to fitness.

Take it slow and remember it a long marathon not a race takes it slow and set small goals and you will kill your fitness routine.

Did you like these fitness tips? Are you struggling with fitness commitment? You are not alone comment below to give us your insight 🙂

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Sharing Is Caring :D
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