how to stay healthy and happy during the holidays
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Am I the only one who has gained like 10 pounds so far ? It’s sad because the only holiday that has passed is Halloween and there is still a lot more eating , long nights , no exercise and binge drinking ahead .

Wouldn’t you like to have an awesome holiday season without stressing about if you ate too much ham on Thanksgiving or had too many margaritas at the Christmas party? Exactly ! 

I really don’t want to gain another 20 pounds between now and New Year’s but I also want to have a kickass holiday season and not count calories or limit my fun .

That is why I decided to share this post with YOU because I want to give you my 6 Tips to Stay Healthy AND Happy During The Holidays .  

staying hydrated during the holiday season

1| Stay Hydrated 

We all know the importance of drinking water and I can probably come up with a thousand benefits of regularly drinking water- but we not gonna do that today ! 

During the holidays you’re drinking alcohol , traveling , eating whatever , doing whatever and its very easy to forget to sneak a sip of water in your day . Let me tell you though that is the quickest path to hangovers , exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed . 

Water allows your mind to function at its best and it also helps when consuming alcohol to prevent alcohol poisoning due to dehydration. So drink up (Water, not alcohol silly) ! 

Finally, during the colder months there seems to be an excess of sickness going around and water will keep your body and immune system working at full potential . So always carry a water bottle especially if your are extremely busy with family and friends during the holidays . 

2| Do Short Exercises At Home or On Vacay 

It is almost everyone’s nature (including mine) to completely remove exercise from your life from like Mid-October until New Year’s when you finally decide to get your shit together because its a “New Year”.  Don’t be that person ! 

Take care of yourself and exercise . Especially during the holidays . 

The best way to do this is to do small exercises at home or even on vacation. You don’t need to worry about gyms or space or anything . You can simply fit a small 7-15 minute workout a few times a week from wherever you want.  

It sounds stupid .. Like 7 minutes Kenya really ? But your body will THANK you for getting it moving and giving it a little physical activity . 

When I travel I love carrying my travel yoga mat and my resistance bands. So I can turn even a hotel or a family members house into a productive workout area.

What I love most about these travel workout tools is that they literally take up such little space . The yoga mat folds up into its own flat packaging and the resistance bands fit perfectly in is small packaging as well . So great for travel . 

However, even if you don’t have these tools you can still have a productive workout with just your body weight . 

If you need some guidance . You can sign up for my 4-Week Habit Forming Workout Routine below if you want some body weight exercises that you can do ANYWHERE WITHOUT EQUIPMENT! 

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So try to fit some exercise in – even if its only for 7 minutes 3x a week . Your body will be grateful ! 

3| Stretch Daily

Oh yessss I LOVE a good stretch . Stretching is so good for your body and is very therapeutic . 

During the holidays you can be very active and always on the go. It’s important to take a few minutes a day to just stretch and remove all the tension that has accumulated through the day . 

I love a quick 2-3 minute stretch right before bed. It really helps me to drift off to sleep without feeling tense from whatever went on throughout the day. 

This is really good for mindfulness. You can turn on some relaxing music , layout your yoga mat, stretch slowly and really tune in with yourself . 

Here is a good video that has a relaxing stretch routine that you can follow !

Great practice during the holidays and beyond for mindful living. 

6 ways to have a healthy holiday season

4| Drink Skinny Alcohol or Wine 

If you are worried about gaining wait during the holidays ? Well you can still have fun but just keep in mind how many calories and carbs that are in alcoholic beverages .

What I do is stay away from extremely fruity cocktails and I try to stick to skinny margaritas . You can also ask your server at restaurants for their skinny alcohol options . 

Also, drinking wine, especially red wine can actually have health benefits . I’m not saying drink 2 bottles of wine to cure your diseases but it may be better to sip on red wine during family functions as opposed to drinking 6 beers or 4 cocktails .

Have fun . Get loose . While being mindful with what you are consuming . If you want to not pack on 20 pounds or end the holidays with a beer belly (yes women get those too) then just be MINDFUL and of course be safe ! 

5| Take Vitamins 

Vitamins are a great way to add a little boost to your health . There are essential vitamins our body needs such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B. 

I have been taking a daily gummy multivitamin along with multiple other vitamins to keep me on my A game . 

Taking vitamins dining the holidays when you are on the go is a great way to keep your bodies nutrients in order . Vitamins are not a cure all but they will absolutely help your body to function better .

I have a post dedicated to The Best Vitamins To Boost Your Health and Energy that goes over a few of the supplements I take how how they have improved my health . 

practicing self care during the holiday season

6| Continue To Practice Self Care 

Self care is so important to me but there was a time when it would get near the holidays and I would stop having my self care days and stop having personal time. Don’t do this!

Yes the holidays are about friends and family but you still must take care of yourself . Don’t be afraid to take a day to yourself and still focus on YOU. 

In between cooking thanksgiving dinner , buying gifts , and planning vacations you must find time to care for yourself and reset your mind . 

If you don’t currently a follow a self care routine , girl stop what you are doing and check out my Perfect Self Care Day For Happiness so you can get on the path to personal enlightenment .

Ha a little dramatic but seriously , my life changed when I started taking time every week to focus on ME and my goals and my dreams and my body. Your body and mental status will really thank you so take a break every once and awhile and care for yourself . 

Even during the Holidays !


Even during the holidays we need to continue to be mindful of our health . Doing that without being a buzz kill is the objective . This post is to give you 6 ways you can focus on your health while you are busy and trying to have fun during the holidays . 

Yes it requires a little work but I try to keep it very minimal so we can still ENJOY the holidays and not worry about calorie counting and hitting the gym when you have family in town haha . 

Just remember the holidays are the time of the year where you would normally eat whatever , drink whatever , skip your workouts but were going to rise above that this year. 

Until Next Time ! 

So I challenge you to try to implement at least 3 of these healthy holiday tips into your routine this holiday season . 

Happy Holidays ! 

Sharing Is Caring :D
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