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Happy summer everyone! I certainly hope you are enjoying it so far. I was excited to spend my days at the beach and in the sun UNTIL I realized that summer means I have to change my entire beauty routine. *sigh*

Why you may ask? Well it’s freaking HOT outside so that means cakey foundation and concealer… and that my love is a HELL NO . It is also skin break out season which is really depressing.

HOWEVER, I’m so darn thoughtful, that I decided to compose a list of Summer Beauty Essentials so you can have flawless makeup and skin all throughout the hot summer months. No no no, don’t thank me just share these awesome beauty essentials with your friends and subscribe to my weekly newsletter for more awesome beauty and life tips.

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The truth is that every season requires you to make some changes to your skin care routine, makeup routine and even your hygiene routine to prevent the issues that are associated with the season. Such as breakouts in the summer and dry skin in the winter.

You can always check on my blog for seasonal beauty updates : D I GOT YOU!

Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk 🙂

I do want to let you know as well that I mention two products for each category one of them will be my choice and the other will be another good product that works just as well 🙂

1| Detoxifying Face Mask to Deep Clean your Pores

If there is one thing we all do during the summer its SWEAT and when you sweat all that dirt and sodium gets trapped deep into your pores. If you are not using the proper product to really get into your pores and cleanse them, then you may suffer from more breakouts during the summer months.

That’s why you MUST get your self-care on and pamper your skin with a Detoxifying Face Mask. A Detoxifying Face Mask is just a mask that has ingredients that are able to penetrate your pores and give you a deep cleanse. These masks allows your skin to draw out all toxins, dirt and grime that may have accumulated over the week to prevent those gross, painful pimples from manifesting on your beautiful face.

My ALL TIME FAVORITE Detoxifying Face Mask is the Indian Healing Clay Mask and let me tell you this stuff is the TRUTH for all skin types. It has no additives and is 100% clay!  This is definitely a product you want to add to your summer beauty routine and actually I use this mask ALL YEAR ROUND. Check out my Skin Care Routine post for more details on all the skin care products I use for healthy skin 365 days a year!

2|SPF Moisturizer to Protect your Skin

Now this is pretty self-explanatory and YESS if you are darker skinned you STILL need sunscreen. I don’t know why black people think we don’t need sunscreen the sun does not discriminate and neither do I. I just happen to be a darker woman and it is a common misconception that darker complexions don’t need sunscreen.

THAT IS FALSE! Everyone needs protection from the sun if you’re black, white, brown, purple, blue, pink GET SOME SPF IN YOUR LIFE! It also protects against cancer and sunburns and is recommended by the FDA to be used DAILY!

Soooooooo get you a good quality spf moisturizer that can double as a daily moisturizer so you don’t have too many layers of moisture on your face. I normally use the Cerave SPF Face Moisturizer BUT I just switched to the Aveeno Absolutely Ageless SPF Moisturizer and I’m like IN LOVE!  Like not fake love high school love but actual grown ass true love. <3

 It’s such a light formula and it doesn’t leave that gross sunscreen film that most SPF moisturizers leave behind. There are many SPF options but these are definitely my favorite!

3|Blotting Sheets to Keep Oily Skin in Check

Let me tell you about how CLUTCH blotting sheets are in the summer. So basically when you get all gross and sweaty and your make up starts looking like your melting away THAT’S when you use blotting sheets. I keep a pack in my purse and whenever I get a little oily you just dab the blotting sheet on your oily areas and BAM matte finish.

Whoever made blotting sheets are literally like my savior. I have combination skin and my T-zone on my face (nose and forehead) gets OILY, like you just rubbed a stick of butter on my forehead. The blotting sheets control my oil and keep me looking matte all day long!

You can really use any brand of blotting sheets but I prefer the Palladio Rice Paper Tissues. They have been around since I was in middle school and I have never bought another brand!

4|BB Cream For Coverage and Moisture

A beautiful combination of foundation, moisturizer and sometimes other products. BB cream is used used to have a lighter but still tinted base in the summer months or when not too much make up needs to be applied to the skin.

I love BB Creams because they allow you to wear a laser thin layer of makeup while still giving you some coverage and an even skin tone. They are perfect for school, work and lazy days when you just don’t want to wear much makeup.

Most importantly BB Creams are PERFECT FOR THE SUMMER! During the summer wearing thick full coverage foundation is a big fat HELL NO (unless you’re indoors). The reason lighter is better is because honestly makeup just is not made to be worn in hot weather. Not only does it feel bad on your face it is also prone to becoming more oily and gross looking throughout the day. And can make you breakout easier by clogging your pores.

Now this is mostly true for people in states like Arizona, Texas, and Florida etc. If your summers include 70 degree weather girl rock that full coverage foundation  BUT if you live in a state like TEXAS where I live girl get a bb cream before you melt away in the sun.

I just went on a makeup binge and the NYX Bare with Me Tinted Skin Veil(BB Cream) was one of the products I got. Let me tell you, it is AMAZING! The formula is seem less and if you have any discoloration or blemishes it does a pretty good job at concealing while still feeling light .

5|Primer for Flawless Makeup

If you don’t have a primer and you wear makeup you need to invest in one immediately. Like today, like now. Primer is a product that you put on before your foundation or BB cream and it acts as a base for all your makeup. It fills in fine lines, cracks and pores making it so your foundation glides on smoothly and looks more even.

Most primers also extend the life of your foundation wear and prevent your skin from becoming too oily. It is a must have product all year round.

I personally love the NYX Studio Perfect Primer in Clear because it’s cheap and effective. It’s that simple. I believe it provides a nice smooth base for my foundation and makes my foundation last longer for less than 8$ …. Like come on that’s a steal!

6| Highlighter For a Summer Glow

We all know the hype about highlighter in the makeup world. It’s like God personally drizzled gold and silver sparkly liquid on earth for all women who aspire to be unicorns. IM TOTALLY KIDDING. Highlighter is the best make up tool ever.

Have bad skin? ITS FINE just slab some highlight over it and now you look like you’re glowing and healthy. Okay I need to stop I’m kidding (the power of wine).


But on a totally serious and professional note highlight is a great edition to your summer makeup look. It allows you to create a beautiful dewy appearance that looks GORGEOUS in the SUN (get it the sun shines in the summer so you shine too)!

I just purchased this Loreal Lumi Glow Armour Liquid Highlight and it is so amazing. It is a liquid highlight that comes in a little dropper bottle and the application is so smooth and seamless. Definitely give it a try. I typically prefer liquid highlight because it blends well with BB cream and foundation.

However,  a good and CHEAP highlight is the Wet N Wild Mega Glow. It is a powder but to only be a few bucks it’s worth having in your makeup collection. I bought the whole palette for 10$ just to have more options but you can also buy them separately as well for like 4$ a piece . Either way its a DEAL. I love deals !

7| Summer Scents

I actually just added this on here because I have been reaching for my Daisy Marc Jacobs Perfume like crazy this summer- I’m going to turn into a daisy. It’s such a nice fragrance that smells like it belongs on a beach which is perfect for the summer.

The heat warms up the scent and suddenly you’re the flower in the room smelling like a vacation on a beach resort. Kinda dramatic but seriously every woman should have this perfume. It’s a great investment and I get a TON of compliments when I wear it.  

I will say it is a little pricy for perfume but ive had mine for literally 3 years and I use it ALOT. I also use the Victoria Secret Bombshell Summer Mist  it is much cheaper and has a beautiful summer scent that is really noticeable and fresh!

8|Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Now waterproof mascara and eyeliner is not necessary but I definitely recommend it especially if you’re like me and have watery eyes that smudge your makeup or if you plan on wearing makeup to the pool or beach.

It’s pretty self-explanatory the benefits of waterproof eye makeup because you don’t want the makeup to be dissolved with water or sweat. I think everyone should have at least one waterproof mascara and eyeliner in their makeup collection just in case.

My favorite waterproof mascara is the NYX Proof It Top Coat because it litterally is a top coat that turns any mascara into a waterproof mascara. All you have to do is apply your regular mascara wait until it dries then add the NYX Proof It Top Coat and WALA you now have waterproof mascara !

I also do not wear like pencil eyeliner but i did include my favorite waterproof liquid liner which is the NYX Epic Waterproof Liquid Liner . I actually use this every day … its just that good !


During the summer it is important that you make some changes to the kinds of products you are using to have the best results with your skin and makeup . You are more prone to clogged pores , breakouts and poor looking makeup if you don’t take the time to change your routine . Luckily this guide gives you a few things that you should definitely consider adding to your summer routine .

Please please please comment or share this post below if you enjoyed it or even if you didn’t . I would love to hear your feedback and engage with you in any way possible 😀

How do you like my Summer Favorites List ? Are there any products you can’t live without during the summer ? Comment Below 😀

Sharing Is Caring :D
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  • 73