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Hello Beauties!

Are you feeling less confident or less in touch with yourself? Are you exhausted or feel like you need to just relax and reset? Has it been AGES since you spent some uninterrupted quality time with yourself?

If you answered yes, then you probably should keep reading because it sounds like you’re in need of some good old-fashioned Personal Self-Care Time.

Man, oh Man I am LONG overdue for a Self-Care Day let me tell you. Without regular self-care days it literally feels like all the days merge together and that you are never able to relax and be mindful of YOURSELF and your needs.

That’s why these days are SO IMPORTANT because who the hell is going to take care of you but yourself? Im not saying your significant other doesn’t care about you – BUT there are some self-care tasks that you can do on your own to really improve your confidence, stress levels and overall quality of life.

The best self care routine for happiness

Since I’m planning my Self-Care Sunday now, I figured I would share my step by step guide to a perfect and confidence boosting self-care day: D

To assist you with planning perfect Self Care Days I have a FREE Self Care Day Planner that I can send right to your email 🙂

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Remember you DON’T need to feel bad for taking a few days out of the month to yourself. I have a self-care day usually every Sunday and my boyfriend is well aware to LEAVE ME ALONE.

 So be selfish sometimes. Love yourself and care for yourself and keep reading so you can figure out JUST how to start your self-care day routine

Disclaimer: I just want to let you know that I do receive commission when you purchase products I link in this post. This is of course at no cost to you and all of my recommendations are honest personal opinions only and should be followed at your own risk 🙂

Oh, Oh Oh and please please please remember to comment below and share this lovely routine with your Friends and family on your social media J Love ya LETS GET STARTED!

|The Night Before |

It is crucial that you are prepared for your self-care day because if you’re not there is a possibility the relaxing self-care day will turn into an unorganized mess that is more stressful than beneficial. I recommend scheduling a self-care day on a day when you don’t work and have no plans

Then guess what? CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE! Get a babysitter (if you have kids) and inform your friends and family that this day is for you and you alone.

I also recommend cleaning your home the night before and running any errands the day before. You don’t want to be worried about laundry, grocery shopping, doctors’ appointments, soccer games and cleaning your home on a day where you are supposed to be clearing and resetting your mind. 

Also completely plan what you are going to do. You don’t want to finally have your day to relax and then you don’t know what to do. So, kick back and read this post for a step by step self-care day to eliminate the daunting self-care planning process!

Self-Care Sunday <3

1 | Wake Up When It Feels Natural

This is my favorite part of my self-care day because let’s be honest this night owl HATES being forced to wake up at the crack of dawn for work.

Self-care days are all about you girl. So, sleep in until your body is ready to move. Enjoy your bed and your pillows. I love my Self-care day because I can let my lovely cats any my puppy join me in the morning and give me all the love and relaxing kisses I need.

My kitty Bruce <3

Your bed should be your peace not the place that you’re dragged out of every morning to go to work. So take some time and enjoy sleeping in and the comfort of your own bed. 

2| Make a Beautiful Healthy Breakfast or Lunch

Man, I love food, and even on a relaxing day you have to eat. So why don’t you make a beautiful breakfast OR lunch. Depending on how much you enjoyed step 1 and sleeping in haha.

It’s always great when you have nothing to do and you can really enjoy a nice well-prepared healthy meal. It is so much more fulfilling and wholesome.

I like to have breakfast in bed especially when I have the home to myself. I go on Pinterest and search through my Healthy Recipes Board in the Breakfast section and I find something quick, beautiful and fun to eat Like Acai bowls or colorful, fruit loaded oatmeal. Then I head right back to the bed, turn on a good show, eat and relax.

practicing self care in bed with a delicious meal and a book .

You should definitely do this but if you’re not much of a cooker why don’t you order some food? Or treat yourself to breakfast or lunch at your favorite café or restaurant. Just eat girl and eat GOOD.

3| Go For a Walk or Do Some Yoga

This is where the self-confidence comes in. I know you’re like Kenya I’m supposed to be relaxing and chilling why do you have me exercising?

Please Please Please stay with me. Exercising makes you feel so damn good it’s like a free mood booster. I am not telling you to go to the gym and spend 3 hours sweating BUT you should go on a quick 5-10-minute walk or do some relaxing yoga.

Not only will your body thank you, but your mind and your mood will too.

I don’t know about you but every time I do as little as 5 jumping jacks I feel on top of the world. I feel like even though I’m a lazy b*tch… that I am still living the perfect healthy lifestyle after I walk the dog once or do like 7 pushups.

Exercise releases feel good chemicals in the brain similar to the chemicals released when you get a good compliment from someone you like or when you get a promotion. So add a small little relaxing workout to your self-care routine.

You can check out my Everything Fitness Board in the Quick workout section for some fun, beginner friendly and QUICK workouts.

self care day planner

4 |Take a Nice Relaxing Bath or a Hot Shower

I personally don’t like baths unless I have a Jacuzzi tub (I know I’m boogie) BUT I’m too broke for a home with a Jacuzzi tub so I opt for a long relaxing shower.

taking a nice warm bath is perfect for a wonderful self care day

 If you like baths then I recommend you light some candles, get a glass of wine, turn on some relaxing music, pop a bath bomb into the tub and get your R E L A X A T I O N on.

I actually like to wash my hair on self-care days however, for some that may be too much haha .

So just get clean and happy! You will feel amazing after you’re nice and clean after the workout.

5| Pamper Yourself

Now this is where you really start to feel like a princess. It’s time to put some effort into our appearance and this my friend will make you feel awesome.

Always always ALWAYS include pampering in your self-care routine. Seriously it is so important.

I normally will use a really good quality face mask to remove all the impurities from my skin and really get a deep refreshing cleanse. There is nothing like kicking back after a relaxing bath/shower with a face mask on. You just feel beautiful or at least like you care about your appearance which for me makes me feel more confident and ready to tackle any day.

Remember when you look good you feel GREAT and when you feel great it SHOWS and makes you look BETTER.


  • Do a face mask
  • Paint your nails
  • Deep conditioning Hair mask
  • Get a massage
  • Watch a movie or a tv show
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Listen to music
  • Sit on the beach if you can

You can check out my Self Care Board on Pinterest for more great self care ideas and tips

Another pampering idea is a home foot massage. I invested in a water foot massager here on amazon and let me tell you its awesome. I just love relaxing with my feet in the warm water with the bubbles hitting my feet it is AMAZING and much cheaper than paying for a pedicure and this is in the comfort of your own home.

I’m a homebody haha – I love traveling and stuff but I really love being in my home so finding ways that I can care for myself in my own home is like finding gold.

Soooooo pamper yourself beautiful YOU DESERVE IT.

6| Self Reflection

I super recommend doing this EVERY WEEK on your self-care day it is such a good way to get closer to yourself. 

What is self-reflection you ask?

OMG girl let me explain – I thought you would never ask J

Basically what a self-reflection is, is like a life audit. It’s when you sit down with a pen and your favorite notebook and you reflect on your life. You write down your goals, your dreams your ambitions.  I use my self-reflections to determine how close I am to my goals and it has really kept me on track with my life.

If you never self-reflect then you have no idea where you’re going or how to get there.

 Almost like going on a blind road trip with NO MAP hoping you get to your destination and it won’t happen without that map I promise you.

So, CREATE A MAP. Come up with goals, pat yourself on the back for accomplishments and reflect every week on how you can achieve your goals the NEXT week and watch your life change like clockwork.

This creates SELF AWARENESS which is basically knowing yourself, what you need , what makes you tick ,what makes you smile , what career you want to have , how much money you want in the bank. Everything about YOU!

A lot of us don’t even know what we need because we have been neglecting our own being to keep up with the struggles in life.


Always always always stay in tune with yourself and your needs.

LOVE YOURSELF dammit you’re beautiful and amazing!

Anyone who thinks otherwise serves no purpose in your life and should be discarded IMMEDIATELY!

You are beautiful -

There is something about self-awareness that propels us to achieve our goals and become the best version of ourselves.  So, reflect, become self-aware and achieve your goals.

You and you alone DESERVE IT!


What I love about all things self-care is that they promote self-love and naturally boost your confidence and self-awareness. It forces you to spend time with yourself and learn yourself and your needs which is IMPORTANT. Life is too hard to be spending it serving everyone but yourself.

Who else will serve you? Who else will take care of you? Calm you down in tough times?

You need to be that for yourself and it starts with SELF CARE.

the best self care routine for happiness

I encourage you to have at least 2-4 self-care days a month to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.

Remember be selfish sometimes oh oh oh and subscribe to my newsletter for updates : D

Did you enjoy this post? Do you have other self-care tips that you would like to share?

Well comment below silly – we don’t bite I promise, we encourage!

self care day planner

Sharing Is Caring :D
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