ways to boost your immune system
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Improving your immune system and your health !

Helllllo Beauties

Man it’s been quite a time in the world with this global pandemic . I hope everyone is doing well and getting through it the best you can 🙂

With so many businesses being deemed essential I know many people need to leave their homes . I don’t think the pandemic should scare you but you should try to prepare .

One way you can “prepare” is by taking steps to boost your immune system and improve your health .

*Disclaimer* I am not a medical professional and this post is not to be used to replace a licensed medical professionals advice . Consult with your physician before adding any supplements , vitamins or making any changes to your health .

Why is your immune system so important?

If you are not aware your bodies ability to fight off any virus , infection or disease relies heavily on the strength of your immune system . If your immune system is weak it these viruses can be potentially harmful .

Think of your immune system as a army . A strong immune system is a strong large army a weak immune system is a weak tired small army . Which would you trust in battle ?


So the purpose of this post if you give you a few things you can do to boost your immune system and strengthen your bodies army and natural defense

ways to boost your immune system and improve your health

1. Drink more water

I know water seems to be at the top of the list of all things healthy . There is a reason for it though . Our body is almost 80% water and when your body is lacking water 80% of your body will not be at full potential .

It is very important for you to stay hydrated so you body can be at top level . Water deliver oxygen to your cells in your body so your cells can perform their job . Without water your cells and body starts receiving less oxygen , your digestive tract can become dry … it’s just a mess .

Bottom line is to drink more water about 6-8 cups daily is good . I personally try to refill my water bottle at least 3x a day .

2 . Take some supplements

Supplements have become a large part of my diet and depending on the ones you take they can provide a lot of immune system support .

Supplements are vitamins , minerals or anything that adds nutritional value to your body .

Most people take a daily multivitamin which has a combination of things that’s help promote health .

My Favorite Supplements :

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is a favorite of mine and I have been taking it on and off for years .

It comes from the olive leaf and is good preventing and treating inflammation and infections .

It’s good for brain health , skin health and many other benefits including boosting your immune response and ability to fight off disease.

I purchase my olive leaf extract on Amazon and it’s a very affordable way you can increase your health.

Emergen C

Ha I love this stuff . I don’t know I’m what it is .

Emergen C is a water enhancer Powder that you just mix in your water and drink it up . It doesn’t taste bad it has a faint orange taste and goes down pretty easy .

I normally will drink Emergen C around flu season a few days a week . Also , if I feel a cold coming in or if someone in my household is sick I will drink it to boost my immune system . It seems to do a good job . It’s been a family favorite for over 10 years.

It can be found at most drugstores or it can be ordered online . During the pandemic most supplements may be hard to find so using amazon may be a good option right now .

Daily Multivitamin

I choose to also take a multivitamin and it provides pretty much every vitamin you will need in one pill . If you can’t afford to go out and buy 10 different supplements I would absolutely recommend investing in a multivitamin.

They are affordable and cover pretty much all the bases you need to cover for health.

I have been using a women’s vitamin called Smarty Pants – i just started using thing one , but you can also find more affordable or even more expensive ones on amazon .

So adding a few supplements can definitely boost your immune system . Still check with your doctor before changing any health habits .

3. Get some exercise

No I don’t mean run a marathon but get up and get moving . A good 15-60 minute workout a few times a week is so good for your overall health .

I personally don’t like strenuous exercise . I like playing basketball and doing yoga . So a few times a week I will find a good yoga flow on YouTube and just get moving for 15-30 minutes .

A little goes a long way and it’s sure to help move oxygen through your body and boost your immune system and over all health .

Since at the time we’re stuck at home here’s a post with some good fitness apps for home workouts .

4. Eat a balanced diet tailored for your immune system

Pretty straight foreword right ? Food is fuel if your giving your body crappy fuel it can not perform at its full potential .

Make sure you’re getting a good mixture of ALL food groups in your diet .

Fruits and vegetables have many properties that can help keep you healthy and strong . So having a good amount of them daily is a good idea .

Try to eat less dairy products because it can increase the mucous levels in your body making it more difficult to fight infection. However , it is not terrible for you and can be eaten in moderation.

I’m not saying only eat fruit and vegetables but try to eat more Whole Foods to support your body so your body and immune system can support you .

5. Just Relax so your immune system can fight

Did you know stress can slow down your immune system ?

I know right crazy ? But it really does . That’s why managing your stress levels is vital to your immune system health .

When your body is under constant stress physically or mentally it decreases the amount of white blood cells in your body .

Remember I talked about your immune system being an army ? YES , your white blood cells are those soldiers lol . They are very important and you definitely do not want stress keeping them from showing up to battle .

So relax . Practice some self care and try to find solutions to what is causing you to be stressed .

I have a post to help relax when you’re overwhelmed that may be helpful if you have been stressed for a while and don’t know what to do .

So remember all of the tips and tricks I told you today and most importantly remember to relax .

I hope these tips can help you to boost your immune system and lead you on a path to health .

Again do not use this post as a replacement for medical advice from a licensed physician and do not change your health routine until you consult with your physician .

Good luck during this time in our world . Stay healthy and stay safe .

Until next time !

Sharing Is Caring :D
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