winter morning skin care routine
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winter skin care mistakes you may be making - my winter morning skin care routine

I have had to completely change my morning skin routine for the winter.

When it starts getting cold outside we all know to bring out the coats and put the tank tops up, but did you know you also have to change your skin routine as well? 

Oh yes, the cold weather doesn’t only effect your body temperature but it also can affect the health of your skin as well. 

Don’t worry though I have created a detailed Winter Morning Skin Routine that will get your skin healthy and moisturized for the winter season.  This routine goes in depth of what to do every morning to keep your skin moisturized, even in the freezing cold weather. 

How Cold Temperatures Effect Your Skin

So I know I told you that the colder weather can affect your skin, but what do I mean by that exactly? 

When the weather drops the humidity and moisture in the air begin to drop as well. I know we all hate humidity because it makes our hair look crazy but that moisture in the air normally will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. 

The issue with not having moisture and humidity in the air is that your skin now loses moisture much faster, which can quickly turn into a dry skin disaster for you.

The cold wind and air blowing on your face just speeds the process up and will cause extreme dryness in your lips, face and your overall skin.

When your skin and lips become dry not only does it look horrible and crusty, but it can also cause skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis to flare up and become worse. 

Your skin can start peeling and your beautiful lips will follow the leader and become dry and flakey as well. 

Do you see all the issues caused by cold weather with your skin? EXACTLY HAHA!

Definitely continue reading so you can get the scoop on how to care for your skin in cold weather THE RIGHT WAY so you can have moisturized skin all winter long 😀

winter morning skin care with mario badescu , dermasil and hyaluronic acid

Winter Morning Skin Routine

Wash Face With A Moisturizing Face Wash

mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel
mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel

Your morning skin care routine should always start off with a freshly washed face. The issue with a lot of the face washes is they can be very harsh and cause more dryness for your skin.

We definitely don’t want to do that especially in the cold and dry winter! 

What you can do is use a light moisturizing face wash in the morning to prevent you from stripping your face of the moisturethat it produces naturally. 

I have personally been using Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and it has been working well. It is very light and hydrating and when I rinse it off, my face still feel moisturized.

You can really use any moisturizing face wash for this step, just pay attention to how your skin feels after you use it. If your skin still feels dry after washing you might want to find another face wash that is more moisturizing to prevent the dryness.

Use A Hydrating Skin Serum

Hyaluronic  acid for skin hydration
Hyaluronic Acid

Face serums have been my favorite part of my morning skin routine because there are sooo many different kinds for all different skin types and purposes. 

A face serum will provide a concentrated product to your skin – usually collagen or vitamin c. However, those serums while great can be drying so my favorite winter skin serum is hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is an acid that is produced naturally in the tissues in your body. It is incredibly lubricating, hydrating and works to make the skin look younger, smoother and more even. 

In the colder months I love using Hyaluronic Acid after I wash my face to add extra hydration and softness to my skin.

The best part is the price it is the only skin serum that I have found that is under $10 and extremely beneficial – mind you most serums are $20 – $100 making the Hyaluronic Acid the cheapest good quality serum .

I purchased my Hyaluronic Acid on Amazon for $7 and it has lasted a year and has worked miracles for my skin.

I literally used it today and all my coworkers said I looked different like I was glowing – and I had NO MAKEUP ON !

So definitely check out the Hyaluronic Acid for an awesome addition to your winter morning skin routine.

Invest In A Hydrating Face Cream

Dermasil Face Cream for a hydrated face

Although your entire skin routine is important, I truly believe that in the winter having a good hydrating face cream is an absolute MUST.

Face cream is the last step for your face skin care routine after applying serum, and therefore in my opinion, the most important. The health and moisture of your skin is dependent on the quality of your face cream.

I have tried so many face creams and some were very good , some not so good but my FAVORITE face cream can actually be found at your local Dollar Tree and it is sooooooooooooooo good and hydrating and it makes your skin soft and moisturized ALL DAY LONG.

Not only is it A DOLLAR, but it has blown a lot of my high end and expensive face creams out of the park. Im all for a good deal and honey the Dermasil Night Cream from Dollar Tree is a STEAL.

If you have a face cream that you love definitely use it, I would just be sure that whatever face cream you use is very hydrating and actually lasts throughout the day. 

Moisturizing Lip Balm

Am I the only one whose lips get crusty in the winter? 

Girl let me tell you my lips hate the winter and most people struggle with dry and peeling lips when it gets colder outside. 

The issue with this is that once your lips are dry you start constantly licking your lips to keep them moist – which makes everything WORSE. 

The best way to combat dry lips in the winter (or any time for that matter) is to keep a good quality moisturizing lip balm on you AT ALL TIMES.

This will prevent your lips from getting dry without you resorting to licking your lips and causing more dryness and peeling. 

I will always put a good lip balm on before I leave the house and I will reapply multiple times throughout the day to keep my lips soft and hydrated to prevent the peeling and dryness. 

You don’t need to be picky with lip balm – you can use carmex , chap stik , or whatever brand works for you . I find that my Burts Bees Lip Balm has never failed me so that is what I stick with.

QUICK TIP: If your lips are already dry and peeling – don’t worry, I got you. Just get Vaseline and apply a thick layer to your lips over night for a few days and that should whip them back into shape: D

Moisturize Your Body

I know this post has mainly been about face care however, your whole body is covered in skin so I thought I would discuss this . Your morning skin care routine should include moisturizing your body.

You body can still become dry so you do still need to put some effort into caring for it . 

The main thing with keeping your body moisturized during the winter is just using a good body lotion .

Not a scented lotion – these contain alcohols and perfumes that can be very drying to the skin although , they do smell nice I would opt for something moisturizing . 

I currently use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion because I do have eczema and this product has very soothing ingredients for dry and irritated skin . It includes oatmeal which my skin loves and I think this lotion is perfect for colder weather to prevent dry and cracking skin .

Winter Morning Skin Care Tips

Hydrating Products Are A Must

During the winter all of your products should be hydrating and you should put a lot of focus into maintaining the moisture in your skin .

Eliminating products with alcohols , sulphates and harsh chemicals will definitely help you prevent dryness due to those chemicals stripping your skin of moisture. 

Drink More Water

A main factor in your skin hydration and health is your actual body hydration . If you want your skin to be hydrated you need to be sure that you are drinking enough water to hydrate yourself. 

Typically half of your body weight in ounces is a good amount of water to drink . 

Ex . If you weigh 120 lbs then half of your body weight would be 60 lbs – then just drink 60 ounces of water a day which is half of your body weight in ounces . 

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Protect Your Skin From Cold Air

Investing in a scarf to cover your face in the cold weather can really help decrease the effects the cold dry air has on your skin . 

This goes for your whole body – get bundled, stay warm and your delicate skin will thank you for keeping it safe from the moisture sucking cold air . 


I really hope this winter morning skin routine has been helpful for you .Changing your routine can be tedious however , it will be worth it in the end when your skin is prepared for the cold weather . 

If you are really trying to improve your skin , just keep in mind that the saying “beauty takes time” , holds true. You must be consistent with your routine and really get to understand your skin and what makes it thrive and glow. 

The products that work for me , may not work for you but I post this information in hope that you get the same benefits from products that I do . If not , that’s okay use this as a framework and experiment with other awesome products . 

Getting to know yourself inside and out is where beauty begins . Finding the products your skin loves will be a journey but your skin will glow in the end . 

If you enjoyed this post or found it helpful PLEASE share it on social media or with your friends . Also , don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below for exclusive beauty and life tips sent directly to your inbox .

Until next time ! 

Happy Holidays !

winter morning skin care infographic and skin care routine

Sharing Is Caring :D
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